Friday, 18 June 2010

and then I woke up and it was all a dream...aka the best day evah

exhibit 1

I got out of bed and didn't look too bad, but I realised it was definitely time I gave this skirt a bit of attention. The fit has gotten a bit wonky around the bottom of the yoke and when I pull down a tight fitting T, it wrinkles up a bit. So I headed down to do a spot of sewing when I remembered that my number 1 priority for a while has been to make a new doona cover.

exhibit 2

Teegs and Lara have been trialling up some exciting sample basecloths of late and when I was on a visit recently I managed to wangle myself some lovely organic slubby natural jersey knit with charcoal acacia print. It's a heavier weight than I would generally use for tops and I sat with it for a while trying to work out exactly what it should be made up into. When I hit on the idea of a jersey doona cover, and managed to locate some black jersey that was organic, GOTS certified and made in Australia I was off at the trot! But as I started churning my way through meter after meter of stitching I felt the thing I feel every now and then when I am working on something where the grunt factor of my machine really counts. My sewing machine is really crap. No, that's an over statement. My base model Janome machine has done me excellent service over the last 15 odd years. It has done more kms than most people's machines do in a lifetime, it has sewn leather and quilts and winter coats, toys, felt and more bathers and jersey than you might think possible. It has never broken down, it has never really failed, I have loved it long. But it is S L O W, and small. And as I sat sewing I wished I had a machine at least on par with the ones all my beginner students have. So I stood up and walked out to the kitchen and had a conversation with the man in my life about thinking it might be time, at last, after a few years of thinking and justifying and not acting, to act. And it took a very few words before he was pushing me out the door with the car keys in hand to go and seize the day.

exhibit 3

So I was convinced by a very heavy price reduction (end of financial year sale+discontinued model=bargain!) to get something a bit more than a simple upgrade. It has some truly lovely bells and whistles, but the real selling point to me was the full metal construction and the size of the motor. This is a workhorse machine, as close to an industrial as they come in the domestic models, and well suited to high volume sewing. I felt giddy as soon as I decided to actually get it and I'm still kind of drifting around not quite believing it's mine.

exhibit 4

The new machine thrust into action and doona cover thus produced. The machine did purr and the cover is soft and snuggly and a delight to the eye, so all round very very pleasing.

And then it was time to dash off and get the boy child from childcare and when I got back (still walking about a foot off the ground) D announced that now my 'real' birthday present was here, the one which hadn't arrived on the actual day. On the actual day the kids had given me a book each, one of which had been a request of mine, and D had made comment about the difficulty of getting one of the other books that had been on my wishlist. So when D said the real present was here I figured the other book had arrived from book depository. That it was wrapped in a box did seem odd, but I swear I was still totally expecting to find in praise of shadows or hand dyeing as I levered the top off the box.

exhibit 5

Can you believe it? I tell you, I totally can't. I mean, I know D knows me well enough to know that if there was anything I'd want in the way of outrageously extravagant toys, an iPad would be it. But I so wasn't expecting it. I'm still kind of overcome. I mean, wow! And on top of the whole new sewing machine thing, it's just like holy heck, I've been touched by some kind of magic! And it's an especially big thing because D is not in general a big one for either spending lots of money or techno toys - not in a bad way, he just doesn't see the need to consume much. In many ways he keeps me honest, or more honest than I fear I might otherwise be when it comes to indulging in my consumption wants. So it's especially overwhelming to have all this giving me exactly what I want stuff, I'm really, well, there just aren't words for how excited and pleased and honoured and grateful and lucky I feel. I'll just say it's a lot.

Thank you D, you are a continual surprise, in the very best possible way. Mwah!


MildlyCrafty said...

Wow, that does sound like an awesome day!!

frog said...

Do you think some of that magic might rub off if we came and touched your front fence or something? Uber coolness!

sueeeus said...

You totally deserve some fantastic magic! Totally. And completely. Being redundant here. Woohoo!!

Rachael said...

Total awesomeness!!

Frogdancer said...

That's one great day.

Jodie said...

Now thats a day worth getting out of bed for !

kgirl said...

fantastic day - sure to go down in history!

I love that doona cover, the black edges are a perfect finish

habitual said...

That does sound like an amazing day! I think I might want an iPad!?

Di said...

Truly magic and wonderful.

Ren said...

Awesome. Glad good things are happening to such a good person.