Monday, 10 May 2010

some usefulness inspiration 1 - bags

Even if you aren't up for the put it to good use swap, these links might get you a little inspiration for using some of your crafty time for greening up how you shop, package and carry your goods about. If you need to know a bit more about why this is important, read this post (who knew paper bags were so bad?!) or visit this site (there's a pattern on this one too).

  • Knitted market bags here, here, here, here, here
  • Crochet market bags here, here, here, here, here
  • Produce bag patterns here, here, here, here, here, here
  • Sewn totes and shopping bags here (this one even folds up!), here, here, here (another fold up version), here
  • This post has links to 35 different grocery bag patterns
  • There's quite a few patterns at Lion brand for both knit and crochet
  • There's some great sewn lunch bag patterns here, here, here
  • Food wraps and bags here, here, here
  • A tutorial on making 'yarn' from recycled plastic bags - works well for knitting or crocheting market bags
  • A tutorial on making 'fabric' from recycled plastic bags - great to sew lunch sacks or wraps (here's another with more detail and info about sewing too)
  • A list of projects using recycled plastic bags in all different ways

There's an almost endless supply of tutorials and patterns out there and this is just a taste!

Please let us know your experiences about patterns and materials, but also how it goes using them -
  • which ones are quickest/easiest/most fun to make?
  • which ones are best to use/last the longest/easiest to carry over long distances?
  • what materials wash well/are most robust/least expensive/nicest to work with?
  • any other patterns/techniques/tutorials you'd like to recommend?
  • any advice on packaging that contacts food like sandwich wrappers and how to ensure they are non toxic and wash properly?
  • what's your favourite 'green' shopping/packaging/carrying accessory and why? I love my envirosax, which I received as gifts, because they are super lightweight and fold up quickly and easily to something very small (I leave my 2 in my handbag all the time) and they are big and strong enough to hold a good sized unplanned shop at the supermarket. I can throw them in the wash and they dry fast and after a lot of use they aren't showing any signs of wear, they are darn near perfect as far as I can tell

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angelasavage said...

LOVE the idea of turning plastic bags into yarn and crocheting it into reusable shopping bags. So apt!