Wednesday, 12 May 2010

my germs your germs

It's been wondertimes here. All those linky ideas posts were a mere distraction from fevers and pussy tonsils and buckets and buckets of vomit.

All is on the mend now but I am frankly exhausted of both sympathy and energy because very ill children pull your heart strings like not many other things, but bored and tired and housebound children are a total pain in the arse. And both prevent your own simmering colds from going away.

Looking back over the archives this seems a consistently fraught time of year for us illness wise - delightfully timed to ensure I (a) spend at least some time in May solo parenting, generally at the time when my kids get scarlet fever, killer tonsillitis and I cap it off with asthma and (b) have an annual 'mother's day' in which I do what mothers are expected to do every other day of the year without complaint - clean up, look after, provide comfort, worry, feed, wash up after, care for, plan, be bored, take responsibility and endure.

The only difference seems to me I am entitled to complain about it on this one day of the year set aside for actually noticing what it is most mothers slave away at under what seems to be a cloak of invisibility. I'm still waiting for the one where I get ferried around and indulged and am completely free of responsibility. It's a vague hallmark kind of notion, though I now have proof of someone I actually know in real life who gets a day like this and now I feel really ripped off.

Anyway just a quick stop, needed to show off what the kids and I have been doing in those long hours where there's be an absence of dire illness but not enough oomph to get out of the house. Delightful little buddies from kits sold by Ms Ric Rac, nabbed at the Stitches show. Such gorgeous gorgeousness. Lady you are the queen and I hereby hang up my softie designing shoes.

The smiles on the dials say it all.


Kate said...

I am hearing you on all counts! Had my 4 year old vomit on the back of my head in the middle of the night last week, which ended up making me laugh because it was just. so. disgusting!
If it helps - I don't know any mums who get a day like that!! Everyone I know still has the washing ironing and washing up to do on mother's day, although I am sure we dream of being princesses for a day :)
hope you and your kidlets turn the corner asap

LissyLouLou said...

I have a blue pocketbot just waiting to be made - once I step off the treadmill of housework and child rearing. Our bot will be the toothfairy receptacle so fingers crossed no teeth drop out this week.
Good luck with the germs.

Melanie said...

Blech on the barfing. I spent a little bit of Mothers day in emergency at the Austin hospital with my bub, fun fun. He's fine, thank goodness (we had a washing-powder-spilled-in-eye incident), but I agree - life doesn't just stop for the day because we give it a special name.
My pocket bot is on the table in bits, awaiting construction. Love 'em!

eeloh said...

yeah, that'd be me.

*Sent from my iPhone on a banana lounge somewhere on Fraser Island

jodie said...

There will be no hanging up of ones boots for you my dear- I have some great orange fabric if you need inspiration...

Di said...

It never rains, it pours huh?
We got our own germs round here too, but I have to say reading about your germs makes me feel a bit better about our lot (although creating such adorably cute and detailed softies under duress is waaaaay beyond my capabilities!).
Hope you do get such a Mother's Day one day... (personally I spent half of mine on the sofa trying to shrug off some of my germs).

t does wool said...

oh...thank stinks...hope you are all up and about now..and those are some great smiles Suze...