Thursday, 15 April 2010

sleepy time

PJs for two

courtesy of the stash (remnants from cot pillow cases and baby wraps and snugglies)
and happy handmade vol 2 (both pants and her top)

and ottobre (his top - same as the one in this post minus the extra short sleeves)
Sweet dreams.


Eleanor said...

All righty then. I'd like to place an order for one of each in my size pretty please, with initial E for the personalised one, naturally.

I'm jealous not only of your children but of your future grandchildren as well.


Anonymous said...

I lovelovelove kids in PJs made for them by someone who loves them (I must confess though that I always buy a cheap long sleeved tee for the top half, and applique some of the fabric from the bottoms onto it). I firmly believe that no harm will come to my childrenm while they are sleeping in jammies I made and under a quilt I made.
I like to make jammies for gifts for schoolkid birthdays too.

zofia said...

Wonderful PJs. Especially wonderful using loved soft sheets and wraps. Very snuggly. :)

the nest said...

Of all the clothes I've made for our kids, the pj's are their favorites! Yours are beautiful (kids too!) The styling of A's! I would like a pair of my own... And the sheep dots are brilliant.

Sweet dreams are made of these...

62cherry said...

It's all about you!