Wednesday, 31 March 2010

stepping out

Just a quick post - really I'm packing up for a week's holidays. The departure has been delayed a little by our lack of, um, preparedness. But never mind. The sun is shining and now the boy child is napping so there's a wee moment for checking in before I check out.

Upper most has been my intention to blog about the fabulous time we had last Saturday night at the Zoo for Earth Hour. It was as lovely as I predicted it would be in my last post (you can see pics on flickr starting here). All the lovelier for the presence of other bloggers who had also been invited to come and get involved in the Zoo community. I didn't know most of the people there, though it was really super special to spend the night sharing my blanket with Ms Ric Rac, and a dinner table with Ms Pip and her clan. I also said a hi to Ms Stannard, and had lots of fun chatting to an ex-workmate who it turns out is the brother of a blogger I do know (his kids dug a groove with Amy too, and Wil before he got all over excited and boisterous thereby scaring the complete shit out of a girl twice his size). I also chatted to a few people I didn't know at all which was very fun - though I agree name tags would have been good, as would a handout with blog addresses to check out afterwards.

Other stuff? I've been raiding the remnant box at Tessuti again, and combined with a bunch of stash items I am planning on some heavy duty sewing while we're away. Since we left right at the start of winter last year I kind of skipped a whole year of warm clothes for the kids which means we're heading into this year without last year's left overs, so both kids are lined up for new jeans, leggings, warm pants, coats and a bit of something fun (because sometimes the super precious find in the remnant box or on Etsy dictates these things). I've also got a few quick things for me and a pile of repair and refashioning work and although I know it all seems completely ridiculous I am strangely optimistic...

The big box of old patterns arrived and I spent last night bleary eyed looking through them all. Lots of 50s, 60s, a tiny droplet of 70s, and a whack of 80s and across kids all the way to size 18 (although it should be said the vast majority in the old school 12/14 sizes). While I can't see myself using many of them (a few kids ones will be very useful), there is a lot of detailing I intend to examine very closely. Lots of fabulous collars and necklines and gathers and pleats and so on. Very interesting cutting styles and quite different from current pattern drafting techniques. I'll do a post when I have time to pull it all out and take pics and focus my unruly excitement.

I'm hoping to have at least a little internet connection while we're away, but it is yet to be seen whether the dongle can fight through the notorious reception black spot where we will be. If not, we'll see you back round these parts in a week or so. Have a fab chocolate season.


eeloh said...

Aye aye, happy chocolate season to you.
If you want to offload/sell any patterns in a size 16 or so lemme know Soozs!
Welcome back to mervahn

Jodie said...

Hey babe , me and mine would share a rug with you and yours anytime !