Friday, 12 March 2010

food for decadence

This cheesecake is very rich and extremely good - I don't recommend you make it unless there's plenty of people to share it with and don't even think about a little cream or ice cream on the side. May in fact induce hallucinations if consumed in sufficient quantity.

Pecan cheesecake

125gms crushed wholemeal biscuits
60gms melted butter
750gms cream cheese
Splash of vanilla
1 ¼ cups of brown sugar
3 beaten eggs
2 tbs flour
I cup of finely chopped pecans

½ cup of brown sugar
60gms of butter

Preheat oven to 190-200oC
Grease springform tin.
Mix biscuits and butter, press into tin and refrigerate 30 minutes.
Combine cream cheese, vanilla, brown sugar, eggs, flour and pecans, pour over base and bake for 50 minutes, reduce heat in oven slightly after you put the cake in. It's cooked whent he centre is still a little wobbly. Let cake cool in oven after cooking with door ajar.
Combine topping ingredients over low heat until thick then pour over cooled cake.
Decorate with praline (which is crushed up hard set toffee with ground pecan mixed through) and whole pecans.


eeloh said...


Now do you use Philly (which is abotu the only cream cheese in my area) or do you get it fresh from Vic market or somewhere round your joint?

And wholemeal bikies- digestives ok?


sue hudson said...

And "reduce heat in oven slightly" - is that from 200 to 190 - or reduce even more???

sooz said...

eeloh - yep I use bog standard philly and digestives completely acceptable.

Sue, I'm not a precise kind of cook I'm afraid. I reduced it from 190 to maybe 180 or 170? but my oven is pretty hot. I don't use fan forced either.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sooz - gonna give it a go. I'm a bit of a klutz lately at baking but this sounds soooo scrummy. Hope I don't pig out on it too much myself! My oven is not fan assisted either, so I'll wing it and see how it goes. And thank you for replying - there are lots of bloggers who simply don't.
Love your tops, as always.

sue hudson said...

I didn't mean to be anonymous!!! Don't know what I'm doing in this department.

sue hudson said...

Didn't mean to be anonymous don't know what I'm doing in this department!! Try again!

Ren said...

Thanks for posting this. In a week or so I have a bbq with old neighbours - they moved away 8 years ago - so I will make this for them

Di said...

Not quite in time for S's birthday today! Am wondering when the next suitable family opportunity will emerge...