Monday, 15 March 2010

an embarassment of riches

All my number seem to have come up at once.

First there was the yarn ball swap organised by T, over at T does wool.

I was paired up with Megan over at the scent of water, which was quite alright by me since I've followed Megan ever since she introduced me to Pakucho cotton back in the olden days.

She sent me a lovely package including some hand spun organic cotton, lovely buttons, trim, magnet, ceramic, fujoa chocolate (who knew?) and a much needed and loved key ring. Thank you so much!

But when I was talking to T about the swap it seemed she might be in the market for some hand dyed sock yarn, so we agreed to swap with each other as well, which was equally fine by me since T's blog is beautiful and inspiring.

Her package arrived all decoratively wrapped up and was filled with sublime yarn (by name and nature) and a whole assortment of lovely things, including a tea ball she managed to sneak past customs. Thank you T!!

In the meantime Ali started up a swap for seven days of specialness and that seemed like another fine idea to me.

Fran sent me a lovely big box of treats to open progressively over the week, including an amazing piece of weaving she did herself. I find this completely humbling, and more than a little inspiring to get a loom going. There was also some very nice sock yarn and a pattern designed by a friend of hers. Thanks Fran for a very special pack.

And of course, the tea towels are rolling in from the Wash the Dishes tea towel swap. As the organiser I found myself swapping with a, ahem, larger than average group of swap partners (the result of an overly complicated organising system, people ending up with wrong partners, bad maths, you name it) and the odd extra gift of the completely unnecessary but most gratefully received kind.

by craftapalooza

by nest studios

by jelly baby

by inner city garden

by myrtle and eunice

by kristen doran

by assemblage

by little fish creations

by floating world

by clementines shoes

by turning japanese

It feels like there's rather a lot of loveliness going on here and really, how good is that?


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

My teatowels are shameful compared to that lovely bunch...can you have " good" details ... like ones you only get out when poeple come over and may wash up??

mrsbutters said...

Wow, you totally scored with all those fabulous tea towels! I see why you're feeling super lucky!

quirkygranolagirl said...

this swap is really exciting. i've received 3 of 10 and i'm having so much fun getting mail from australia. thank you for organizing it and for posting your towels. we have very few partners in common, so it's fun to see other towels.

Stomper Girl said...

Yes, thanks for organising the tea-towel swap. I also received Jo's lovely I'm Possible tea towel. It's been fun seeing what everyone has come up with.

lillalotta said...

I think I'd like to be you at the moment.
That is. If you don't mind.

t does wool said...

that is very good I'd say...and YOU deserve it all!!!!!!!