Wednesday, 10 February 2010

one, two, three, is the magic number

Dearest Wil

My funny, happy, joyous little soul.

It's hard to believe you are already three, but harder still to imagine all those years I lived before you came along. What did I used to think about in those moments when I was lost in thought and something funny made me smile, before I was thinking about something you said or did this morning?

The decision to have a second child was a difficult one for me, full of angst and worry, fear and confusion. The absolute opposite to the pure and compelling drive I had felt for so many years before Amy came along. So it always strikes me as typically perverse of the universe to grant me the privilege of a second chance at parenting and thrust me into a relationship which, while not without its hardships, never feels the slightest bit complicated.

Writing birthday posts for your children is always hard - and generally pretty boring for readers I am sure - but perhaps one day you'll come here looking for answers Wil, and whatever the future holds in store for us I want you to know that here and now I feel grateful in a hundred ways for what you have bought to my life. Grateful to know you, grateful for the contours you have created in me.

A profound appreciation for the here and now, the obvious, the simple, the pure uncomplicated joy that is the way you see the world. You've made me a better parent, given me confidence, made me more peaceful and patient, at least some of the time. You never fail to make me smile and generally make redundant my tendency to over think everything. As a little boy you have made me appreciate ever so much more what men are all about.

I love that when you are feeling unhappy an olive can remedy pretty much any ill.

I love that the first thing you ask for in the morning (without fail) is your packet lightening mcqueen.

I love that after pretty much anything anyone says you feel the need to add me too!

I love the way you line your cars up and when you say you can't come to the table yet because you are parking.

I love the way you say YAY! whenever I explain to you what we're doing next.

I love the way you tell everyone on the tram exactly what's going on in your head, point out all the landmarks and then smile and look away and then look back. You're just reeling them in and they are loving it!

I love that you have milo and wheatbix for breakfast every single morning when I can't keep track from hour to hour of what your sister says she utterly detests and what she now adores.

I love that you think your sister is the coolest person on the planet and when she's not around you walk around saying where my sister? where my sister gone?
I love that you love everyone and yet still enjoy your own company.

I love that you are so like your dad and yet not at all - you are your own man.

I love the way you demand extra cuddles at bed time but tell me to leave if I look like settling in.

I love that even though change and spontaneity are not really your thing, you go with it anyway.

I love that you told the other mums waiting around at school pick up time today that you are one two three! And now you are a mechanic but you don't have an office and offices are for grown ups. And that you think engines are beautiful.

The love list is endless. The longer I sit here the more things I can think up that make me smile. I don't know what your magic is, but I've seen you work it on other people as well as me, and no one (aside from that really crabby lady in the shoe shop today) seems to escape your spell. To me you are sunshine.

Happy birthday sweet thing.


Ren said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy. Wil. You. Are. So. Cool.

Sue said...

What a lovely tribute to different from the one I made to my son when he turned 34 last week, then again, not so different.

QuiltingFitzy said...

A beautiful tribute to one who's always got places to go, and things on his mind.

Happy Birthday Wil, with regards to the birthday family!

melindatrees said...

how beautiful your tribute and your love love.

Bianca said...

Happy Birthday Wil! I can't believe it's been three years since your Mum brought a teeny little bundle of baby boy to the back room of Amitie for a blog meet up. What a beautiful three year old boy you are.

trasha said...

Hey Birthday Boy, many happy returns from the other side of the world.

I think three is a magic age.

froginthepond said...

No,it's not boring - just beautiful, true and very nearly what I think about my ten year old boy.

Belinda said...

Happy birthday Wil!
Yay for cars, olives, cuddles and cake.

Anonymous said...

What loving comments about your beautiful boy. If the truth be told, he's pretty lucky too, to have such a close and loving family. Best to you all. Hallie

dining room table said...

Happy Birthday to the cute little boy! I wish he becomes a good man when he grows up!

Minymo said...

Great lad and a pretty cool mum as well:)

Leonie said...

Happy Birthday Little man, and here's to too many more to count!!

Chris said...

Happy birthday to Wil.
After my 2 daughters, then a wild, happy son, I love how you say he has made you appreciate every so much more what men are all about. I so agree. I hope you all had a great day.

Di said...

Sunshine indeed. Turning quickly into a big boy. Happy Birthday from C and me. xx

Corrie said...

awwww what a beautiful tribute!!!!

I must admit I wasn't too fussed if I never had a boy but gosh I love having a little boy! totally different to my girls but so entertaining, cuddly and funny!

happy birthday!

Dining Table Gal said...

Belated birthday wishes to this small wil. May your all the dreams come true.