Monday, 8 February 2010

in the swing

First day back in the office took some getting used to. A short commute that seems to take a very long time in an overly crowded tram. But a chance to knit and catch up on the podcasts.

A lot of hellos and telling the same stories over and over about where I've been and what I've been doing. Knowing a lot of people think I am incredibly lucky while others think I am crazy. How simple other people's lives can seem when you don't know much about them.

Suffice to say that reality is all around now and normal life is sneaking back in and grabbing hold. I am enjoying it.

At last I have found the camera cables and the desk space and the head space to upload the photos taken over the last 10 days. I've failed on my kids daily photo assignment, but I will press on because a very incomplete set is still better than what I would be doing without the challenge. Somehow, with the light and the lifestyle we have at home, the camera just doesn't seem to jump into my hands like it used to.

I've also been doing a pretty half arsed job on the what I wore today challenge. I've decided I might move the whole descriptive bit over to flickr, I have been taking a few photos but the time to write up all the details seems overwhelming, so I might try and do my best without taking up all the blogging time.

In other news, just as I got over my hump of tenant anger, D has finally gotten in touch with his. This is the result of both new discoveries (the CD player doesn't work, and the iPod only plays in Mono, a hunk of window frame missing on the lovely chunky hardwood in the extension, the insect colony living in the dead dust buster, the black ooze from the bins that stained all the paving, the mystery of the severely shortened blind cord on one window...) but also what happens when at the end of a week at work you come home to do stuff and be at home. And find your home just isn't what it was. So perhaps we won't be free as quickly as I'd hoped.

[And just to help you maintain your rage here's a wee pic I took of the really impressive yoghurt the tenants left me - nice work huh?

And this little collection of hardened shrunk bean bag balls we ripped from the inside of the bean bag

Order is almost completely restored to the office/studio (I just don't know what to call that space?). A few micro systems to put in place but the big picture is taken care of and I am excited about moving on from cleaning up to actually getting some stuff done. And as predicted, almost instantly I felt the flow on effects elsewhere in our world. We're not there yet, but we're on our way.


Claire said...

I'm so glad things are settling back to normal.

I wasn't going to comment about the tenant thing, it sounded bad, and life is like that sometimes... but holy mother of crap, the photos have made me see red! Those filthy, lying worms. And then to deny it. And make you feel like you maybe could be being unreasonable. Urggggg!

kim at allconsuming said...

They damaged that window? The one I covet? The one that made me first realise how much I wanted to get to know you? OH, well. Now, NOW I am angry.

jac said...

WHAT THE HELL. At the very least you are going to have to give this feedback on the website you found each other on... what if they go from house to house doing this?

I have yoghurt here but suddenly I don't feel like eating it... ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG -are you sure you weren't away for 6 years - not 6 months. How can a few people wreak so much havoc in such a short space of time? I ope you don't discover any more broken things, glad life is slowly returning to normal. Siobhan.

Jodie said...

More damage? Did you rent your house out to the hells angels by chance?

sooz said...

Look, I know. They seemed like normal people and in some ways they behaved like very normal, reliable, bill paying responsible people. I was greatly surprised to discover otherwise. And like I said, there's damage there I can't even work how they did, like last night when I stood in front of the wooden ladder and said...Is the ladder, um, *bent*? to which David replied *YES*! And I just don't know how you bend a wooden ladder, *sideways*. My colleague said (on reading my intial facebook and twitter rants) that he was really disappointed I was going to be one of those typical home owner all tenants are bad and don't mow the lawn types, but he's also come to see that perhaps our, um, problems are more significant than that.

And Jac? I may never eat yoghurt again...

travellersyarn said...

Lovely photo of the kids, revolting "not yoghurt" shot. I can't believe that people would leave that behind and not care.... Not a usual landlord experience.

Ren said...

Oh Sooz, I quoted you today. You sensible you.