Sunday, 21 February 2010

in other news

I'm doing a fairly crap job at maintaining my electronic life, and while I am sure this will improve, it might take a while. There's fun on the horizon! Craft camp and a girl's weekend in Sydney and teaching and cool stuff.

In the meantime I will be upfront about the purchase of new shoes - prompted largely by the embarrassment of wearing shoes to work that clashed fairly horribly with my clothing.

I realise I have 2 pairs of shoes good enough for work on a summer day - one is light natural leather, the other red and both look wrong with terracotta. So it was time to reintroduce black. Bought from the very fist shoe shop I went into, located next door to Wil's dancing class and I love them. I'm nothing if not pragmatic.

I am still sometimes taking pics of my clothing when I get my act together, and do continue to like the homemade outfits best (details over on flickr). Have not been the slightest bit tempted to buy or even look at clothing!

And also?

My kids are still gorgeous. Just saying.


the nest said...

that post makes me happy! all of it! :)

best - annri

gene + experiments said...

I love your shoes! And your outfit looks comfy. Did you make your pants? I think I need to have those pants if I want to survive summer this year. It's gone so hot!

Anonymous said...

Hello from NJ! I just wanted to let you know that I was getting worried without a post for a few days! haha. Seeing pics of your kids never fails to make me smile.

Malka Sabroe-JoHanson said...

OMG they are the cutest in the world - such personalities!

Jodie said...

Craft camp...inhale...craft camp...exhale...craft camp.....
thats all !