Monday, 25 January 2010

what i wore today, what i knit today, what i thought today

No fresh meat on the clothing front, in fact most of my stuff is either already stuffed in the trailer, in my suitcase or drying on the line. It's this T shirt made by me and these shorts from TS.

I started some socks for Amy in the eye poking yarn she dyed for herself. I'm going to use the stitch pattern from the Bubble Wrap socks.

I am disturbed by all the nationalistic hoo ha up here. More flags than you can poke a stick at. I enjoyed this article, but frankly the comments are exactly what scares me about the whole thing. Everyone is so het up about it, quick to slag off anyone they perceive as opposing their point of view.

I am going to miss this sunrise, though hopefully I'll be trading it for more sleep, so I could be cool with that.

Wil's carer and our babysitter was shocked when I said last day today - she was thinking it was Wed. She got quite emotional about saying goodbye.

Wil got really excited this morning when Amy told him we have a sand pit at home, and a garden, and that he can go outside whenever he likes. He's also a bit confused about the difference bwtween an aeroplane and a rocket ship so he may be headed for some disappointment.

I feel numb and emotional all at once, and mostly like I am totally on top of it, but with occasional flashes of complete terror. I have to sit down every now and then and just knit a few rows to make things feel normal again. Luckily sock rows have 27 stitches (unlike that shawl which had over 400 at the end...).


froginthepond said...

We just had two days at Yarrawonga, watching a lot of jetskiers and waterskiers and boats with fluttering Cronulla capes. That's how I think of them in a particular context of class and ethnicity (working/lower middle white Australians). It feels as though the flag is going through a change of perception, from 'official recognition' of the Commonwealth to in your face nationalism. It worries me a little.

Anonymous said...

those car flags creep me out


Ali said...

Thinking of you all.

kim at allconsuming said...

totally get the numb, emotional and terror thing. Totally get it.

Hilarious about Wil.

That sock yarn is simply STUNNING. Stunning I tell you.

Nothing good comes from nationalism. Nothing.

trasha said...

Oh dear, poor Wil. I do hope the disappointment won't be too great.

Belinda said...

Numb, emotional, terrified - perfect description for what you're all going through. At least you know it will soon pass and be okay, and then great when all the motion and change subsides.

The article - totally on the money, and makes me feel more that a little numb, emotional and terrified.