Wednesday, 20 January 2010

what i wore today january 20

T-shirt by Piper c dec 2008: Another of the stocktake sale Ts I wrote about here. I think this one was $10. When I bought it the seam under the bust wasn't gathered - though it looked to me like it was supposed to be so with a kind donation of lingerie elastic I added a gather in. I like it much better for it!
Denim shorts by me: described here.


Michelle said...

Stocktake Ts are always my favourite too - they always seem to fit better, and wash and wear better too. Why is that?

Love this outfit. Have been meaning to comment on your other outfits, but I've been spending too much time sewing and not blog-commenting!

Ali said...

I love the fact that all your t-shirts are just a tad above basic - everything just has that tiny level of detailing which lifts it above the ordinary.