Monday, 18 January 2010

what i wore today january 18

T-Shirt by Urbane c Dec 2008: Another of the T-shirts I bought at Myer (along with this one), it was either $10 or $15. I like the shade of blue and slightly mottled appearance of this one, as well as the interesting gather detail with raw edging above the bust and the open neck line. The very short sleeves are good for a hot day but I don't think of this as the most flattering of sleeve lines for me. It's also badly stained in a few places and has a couple of little holes in the fabric - can you tell I'm not planning on leaving the house today? I bought a whole stack of T-shirts on the day I got this, although they were all marked down for the stocktake sale it was actually before the sale started on Christmas eve - which probably explains the excellent selection. I knew I was heading to the beach on boxing day and I felt hugely depressed that all the T-shirts I owned and liked were from my 2001 maternity collection and a lot the worse for wear. I just never seemed to find good T-shirts in shops then lo and behold as I was in Myer (not a place I would generally shop for clothes but I was picking up a last minute gift elsewhere in the store) I saw all these T-shirts from smart brands at $10 and $15 - all 50% or more off. So they were at least as cheap, if not cheaper than I could make them, featured designs and construction I had never tried, and more importantly they were there when I needed them. I think I bought 6 different ones! They have all been more or less successful, and certainly good for the price. I find T-shirts get stained pretty quick in my life - clearly I'm a slob and I don't wear an apron when cooking - and when I make them they tend to be plain and all the same. Although buying so many at once felt wickedly extravagant, they have all been worn fairly heavily (except the one I have kept 'for good' - ie going to work on hot hot days) and they have given me ideas about making some different styled knit tops so all up I feel OK about the purchase.
Denim shorts from Thailand c2005: same as yesterday.

And I wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments on yesterday's post. Not just for being supportive (which in itself is not to be sneezed at!) but also because so many of you offered up some of why this exercise I am going through here is meaningful to you too. Lots of the reasons I am doing this for myself were echoed in what people found interesting too, so that was very gratifying to hear. I hope you continue to find it interesting and comment with your thoughts - the conversational aspect is very engaging for me.

I didn't find the comment excessively upsetting, as I might have if the criticism had been different, though anonymous negative commenting is a brand of blog behaviour I find particularly annoying. There is plenty of scope to be questioning why I post as I do, whether the detail serves a purpose and so on, but that's a conversation not just a bunch of missiles tossed over the wall. Why do people seek anonymity like that? Why bother commenting if you aren't interested in dialogue? The mysteries of human behaviour I guess. Whatever their motivation I don't feel like the blog has to be anything to anyone - readers are nice, especially where they bring a conversation, but I have been doing this long enough to know that readers or no I love the blog for what it is to me. Funnily enough last night my stat counter email came through and it seems I have had more readers this last week than I have for ages, not that you ever know what those stats really say.

I do intend to write more about the whys and the whats with the clothing because this is a lot more than just pictures to me, and I feel confident that as we pass through the move and the tumult, time will free up enough for more substantial posts. At night when I lie down to sleep I am writing them in my head. Perhaps I need to write myself a list of points and then just post to one or two a day instead of seeking the time write the thesis as a whole. I'll see what I can muster.

And perhaps a what I wore this week format may also be a better routine for the future, once life becomes more routine. For now though, the daily discipline of posting is keeping me connected to the blog even when I feel there's not enough time for anything else, so persist I will!


gingerknitting said...

You go girl - I read this blog because I'm interested in you (and what you think). Again, this is totally about me, but I AM interested in what people choose to wear every day. And why. And the kid photos, what a delight!

Also, and just for your info, I would comment a little more often but sometimes can't see the word verification picture. Probably my computer, but its clear as day today!

LissyLouLou said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one that keeps some t-shirts for 'good'. I tend to take the Noah's Ark approach and buy 2 of the things I like or wear frequently. This often means returning to a shop to buy the duplicate item a couple of weeks after the original purchase and then keeping the duplicate for 'good'. I even cut the tag of the 'not good' t-shirt so I know which is which!! My husband thinks I'm mad.

Jodie said...

Okay okay , I'll put the gun away now....
Yep I buy doubles if I get a decent T-shirt (and keep one for good as well)

eeloh said...

hear hear. The daily fashion shoot doesn't always interest me, but I get so much value and interest from your blog that I can't understand why anyone would waste their and your time in leaving an anonymous comment. I mean, it's pretty clear you're not of the Paris Hilton school of reflection on fashion! Please keep crapping on, I for one get a lot out of it.

Ali said...

I like the gathers - raises a t-shirt out of the ordinary.

But most of all, I understand and also appreciate the discipline of a daily routine (if you post once or all together makes no odds). I too am learning from it - more than I ever thought I would.

Kate said...

Is that more readers per post, or all up? Because you're posting more, so that might = more readers.

Also, I usually just read in bloglines, but since there are usually two or three posts, and I usually want to comment on them, I click over to the actual blog. Which makes me a stat, where I wasn't before.

Will be looking forward to your thesis!