Sunday, 17 January 2010

what i wore today january 17

Pin tuck T-shirt made by me and described here.
Denim shorts bought in Thailand c2005. I can't recall how much they cost, I was so gobsmacked and excited to find ANYTHING plus sized that I don't think I cared. I know they were not expensive and they have had a lot of wear and don't show it at all. Good fit and I like them, even though they have embroidery around the bottom of the legs in pale pink and baby blue - something I would generally consider a deal breaker in any kind of clothing. But I was pretty desperate and there was bugger all to choose from. It was close to the end of our time living there and between the odd mishap and the accelerated wear and tear of high rotation wear on a limited number of clothes and the sun and detergents and tropical heat which seems to degrade fabric so fast, I was down to only a couple of wearable bottoms.


Anonymous said...

Please no more of this boring narcissism.

sooz said...

Anonymous, please no more anonymous comments!