Tuesday, 26 January 2010

so long and thanks for all the fish (and crustaceans)

goodbye 5am sunrise
goodbye enormous big I never want to clean you again ultra modern schmick house
goodbye sea breeze
goodbye blinding sun
goodbye neighbours that never spoke to us
goodbye fabulous local butcher with the super classic mullet
goodbye farmers market
goodbye lovely drive to Peregian
goodbye gentle, rough, exciting, soothing, glorious ocean swims
goodbye hated blue bottles with your horrible stings
goodbye lovely clothes line where everything dries in an hour
goodbye view
goodbye long hot afternoons
goodbye pool
goodbye banksias and waratahs and grevillieas and pandanus
goodbye birds who wake me in the morning and then entertain me all day
goodbye oh sew noosa with your tempting wares and superior linen collection
goodbye noisy tradie boys over the side fence
goodbye stressful cream coloured couch
goodbye totally enormous telly with your overly complicated electronics
goodbye cane toads and green tree frogs
goodbye Kingswood destroying salt air
goodbye bushfire smoke
goodbye real estate agent and landlord
goodbye social isolation and empty streets
goodbye frequent gelati nights
goodbye kids' nudie time
goodbye raw honey from Stradbroke Island
goodbye boiling hot car and melty steering wheel
goodbye sandy bed
goodbye bare feet
goodbye filth collecting placemats on the table
goodbye stupid narrow can't ever find anything pantry
goodbye extremely limited wardrobe
goodbye fried jalapenos and Kross beer
goodbye phone that never rings (except when its about work)
goodbye missing family and friends and important events
goodbye thinking about packing and leaving
goodbye space
goodbye working from home
goodbye predictable weather
goodbye burning hot pavements
goodbye roundabouts every 50m
goodbye voluminous postal deliveries
goodbye hills
goodbye summer nights that get dark before dinner
goodbye BBQ seafood every week
goodbye perpetually wet towels and dripping bathers
goodbye stupid dishwasher with third drawer
goodbye stairs
goodbye long distance relationships and skype dependence
goodbye night drives singing coin laundry and house of bamboo with the kids
goodbye to the people who made our time here better - the teachers and nice neighbours and carers and the friends Amy made (speshly Mia S and Ruby and their mums)
goodbye trying to figure this place out
goodbye school uniform
goodbye digital set top box and all day kids TV
goodbye to the endless goodbyes
goodbye big noosa adventure


Minymo. said...

Thanks for all the great posts and photos( especially of your lovely children) of your time in the north.
You must be longing to get home.
Safe journey and I look forward to reading your blog when I get back to NZ from Melbourne!

Sue said...

That made me sad...I hate goodbyes!
Hello next adventure...

trasha said...

Following the dolphins and heading home, huh? Safe trip.

62cherry said...

perfect! i loved reading that xx

mouselegs said...

That was wonderful. I may have to read it again. Right now, though, I need to look at an atlas. I'm looking forward to seeing your life at home-home.

Leonie said...

Safe journey, hope all is well at home when you arrive and that resettling in isn't too stressful.

Di said...

Are you here yet? Are you here yet? Are you here yet???

Lisa said...

welcome home!

Elisabeth said...

Wonder if they've reached Dog on the Tuckerbox yet?

Elisabeth said...

Oh no, another truck stop only selling hamburgers in beer batter! Keep driving!!

Colette said...

Welcome home :)

Anonymous said...

Goodluck with the move. I can understand Goodbye to those roundabouts LOL, they all look the same and make us crazy when we have to find our way around. Good post on the dangers of our Coastlines, it's really a daft way to go. I'm starting a wee little blog of my own inspired by you and the crafty, thoughtful, creative and inspiring bloggers I have been reading for yonks now!

blackbird said...

This post made my heart ache a little.
I do hope your next adventure is brilliant.
I do!

h&b said...

Love this post - poetic imagery!

driftwood said...

hope all your goodbyes went well, how are the hellos coming on?