Thursday, 21 January 2010

all aboard!

The last train from Denial is leaving the station and I am a reluctant passenger. Our last lot of visitors have been and gone, I have finished work for a 2 week break and today I have no kids at home.

When you start saying this time next week...and knowing you'll already be looking back on today as a distant memory, well, you gotta know the gig is up. Welcome to the final countdown - 6 sleeps and counting.

D just came downstairs and said will you need to do any more printing because I think I'll pack the printer up now. Will I need to print anything? I just don't know!

Wil is looking forward to riding in the plane but is a bit confused about this idea of going home. For him, this is home.

Amy is getting sad about whatever seems easiest to be sad about - this morning she cried for a full 10 minutes about a minor misunderstanding that happened between her and another kid yesterday.

Yesterday Wil was feeling sad about being the littlest kid in a bunch of four and came and sat himself on my knee, all tear stained. I want to be happy he said all quivering lower lip. So I asked him what he thought would make him happy. After much contemplation he said an olive. I duly procured him an olive which he ate and then said I happy now, all smiles he popped off my knee and went off playing.

Although I went on leave on Tuesday a big issue blew up at work today and there's phone calls and ruffled feathers and things in the newspaper and my head is awash with it.

It's 9am and I am drinking caffeinated tea and eating a chocolate biscuit and contemplating which particular nightmare to tackle first. The 6 months of receipts and paperwork and work papers and business cards and tax invoices? The stash of yarn and fabric and notions and pattern books and pattern pieces I never bothered to properly label? The kids clothes and things too small and things too stained and things I never liked anyway? The textas and pencils and drawings and cars and trains sets and big lego and little lego and jigsaw puzzles with missing pieces and bits of toys that belong with other bits of toys that can't be found right now?

I was planning to sew today, but now I am thinking, perhaps not.

And what am I wearing? The denim shorts by me and blue maternity T-shirt you've already seen. So no photo. Anonymous will be happy!


froginthepond said...

If it helps any, I can understand the pain.

And I gather a gin and tonic before 3pm is probably not a good idea.

Leonie said...

Toot toot, wooooohhhoooooo. I'm so on that train. At least the packing this time is a bit easier, everything that belongs to you guys has to go somewhere whether it's with you, to some sort of recycling or to the bin. Nothing to remain. Pick a room do as much as you can and move on to the next one, keep going around and around until it's all done. It's making me dizzy just thinking about it!! Good luck for the coming week and the homecoming next week.

Clare said...

I know it's busy busy busy for you at the moment S... but I have to say, in a very selfish way, I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE COMING HOME TO MELBOURNE! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee. See ya soon.

Ren said...

Oops, sorry Sooz. I didn't mean to post using my playgroup email. Yikes, silly me. Hope all is well. xx

Minymo said...

I'm going to Melbourne next week to see the grandchildren. Then we go off down the coast to Port Fairy for a little seaside relaxation.
I am so sick of living in NZ (:

Good luck with the journey.

Anonymous said...

how amazing is it that an olive can cure all for Wil.

maybe while you have the olives out you should pop one in a G&T?

(after all it is always "after 3pm" somewhere in this very small world)


Di said...

Good luck... Probably doesn't matter where you start. Just start on something and try to ignore the rest of the stuff that needs to be dealt with.

Belinda said...

Good luck Sooz - it all has to get done, in whatever order, and so it will.

And whatever stimulants help ease the pain a little, well just go with that too....

gingerknitting said...

How lovely to know a little person who knows what he needs, and is so easily satisfied! Good luck with the (re)move!

mouselegs said...

After moving four times in four years, my husband says we are never, ever, ever going to move again. Poor guy -he hates upheaval. I think I must like upheaval - it is exciting (isn't it?). Of course, now that we aren't moving again we have all the DIY that comes with buying a house.

sueeeus said...

Ohhhh, I just LOVE that he thought about it and came up with a solution. Just like that. An olive! It's inspirational -- the next time I find myself spiraling into the depths, I am going to try very hard to think of olives, and I just know it will rescue me and make me smile. It's so precious, and so perfect. You have amazing kids. :)