Thursday, 17 December 2009

a winner we have

Congratulations Kylie! A lovely lace fans in olive skirt kit will be winging its way towards you any day now. I hope you enjoy making it!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to respond to the really helpful suggestions you all left in the comments section about what patterns you would like to see next. While sifting through your thoughts the thing I keep coming back to is that I want to make patterns which offer something new - not just in terms of design but in terms of helping people advance in their skills and confidence.

I am working on larger children's sizes for both the skirt and shorts right now. As my previous post on fit explained this is involving quite a bit of testing because as kids get older their bodies get more complicated and I want to keep the patterns simple but the fit good. A first draft version of the finished teen skirt should be landing on my niece's doorstep today (Hi Jess!) so I'll be checking it out via Skype and moving on to the next refinement post haste. I am less well endowed on the boy child relative front so the larger shorts might take a little longer.

But I also wanted to say that with existing sizes you can VERY easily make the shorts into full length pants (or shorter shorts). This means that the existing sizes could work for slim-ish boys as old as 5, though the pants would be a slimmer fit than you see on Wil. The sizing is generous and the fit is loose. There is lots of room for play! If anyone has the kit or is buying the kit and needs advice on how to lengthen or shorten I am happy to provide it.

I hear you on the girl dresses/tops front and the multi garment kit pack for the everyday skirt and top is well advanced. I am very excited about a single pattern kit that will make dresses and tops of varying sleeve length, so it should be very useful!

I admit to being a bit stumped on the boy shirt/top front though. Shirts are complicated garments to make and fit well, and personally I wouldn't tend to make this kind of garment for younguns. Because I am, well, frankly, a bit lazy about it. It's a lot of work to make and then you need to iron them and such. I do tend to be more a T-shirt kind of mum for boys. I thought about a kaftan style top for boys - but is that too daggy? Would boys above the age of 3 go there?

On the adult pattern front I am still thinking through the how, but I am keen to combine a basic skirt pattern with some really detailed info on how to make a skirt that really fits, and how to use that base pattern to make a range of skirts. I think a lot of experienced sewers would do this - find a good base and work off it. I remain completely convinced that heavily customising a basic pattern is not a hard thing to do and totally worthwhile, but I hear you that lots of people just aren't interested in going there and fair enough. Because this is a complicated thing I'm trying to do, this pattern will take me a little longer, but I hope you'll get to see it soon.

An adult version of the everyday shorts is something I have had for a while - I make shorts for D - but he is slim and buttless, and I am not at all sure how this would translate to larger sizes and different shapes. I am not nearly as experienced with men's patterns as women's and children's. And I am not sure there is demand there for this kind of pattern - do many people sew clothes for the men in their lives?

An adult version of the everyday top and dress are further down my priority list but definitely possible and something I will try out in my size as a first step and see where it takes me. I'll keep you informed.

And perhaps winter will see a pinafore and coat or jacket pattern...but right now being cold seems like an entirely theoretical proposition.

Thanks again to everyone who has so generously offered their insights and who seem to be enjoying sharing this process of development.


Kylie said...

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! Am so excited to get to try your pattern. (And special thanks to Wil for helping pick the winner!).

Elizabeth said...

Kaftan style top for older boys - no. "Not cool". Try a loose-fitting short-sleeved shirt, especially if you can suggest some cool fabrics to make it in. For girls, I'm looking forward to seeing an older girl pattern!