Saturday, 12 December 2009

list of participants

Updated to add - we've reached 47 participants! Wow!!

The tea towel swap is going brilliantly! You will need to check back here from time to time to see what's going on and I've put a little jigger in the sidebar so you can find relevant posts quickly and easily. I'll post new links there as I put up any new info about the swap.

Last night I discovered to my horror that my spam filter has been chewing up a few emails meant for me, at least one concerning the tea towel swap. So I figured I should perhaps post the current sign up list here with the hope that anyone who signed up reads this blog and can tell me if their name isn't here and should be! If you know others who are signed up (or think they are signed up) can you send them over here too? Thanks.

Carly Schwerdt
Christie Fowler
Claire Bryan
Claire Waring
Di Jones
Ellen Waters
Gina Denholm
Grace Mitchell
Iona Annett
Jane Riches,
Jill Brown
Jo Ely
Justine Telfer
Kate Clifford
Kate Dixon
Kate Henderson
Kate McLoughlin
Kim Berry
Kirsten Johnstone
Kristen Doran
Kylie Gusset
Kylie Hunt
Leah C
Leah Godde
Magdalena Franco
Meagan Genovese
Melinda Newton
Nicole Vaughan, http://craftapalooza.typepad
Nyssa Rae
Quynh Nguyen
Rachel Challis
Rebecca Shulman
Robin Gadient
Roisin Fagan
Sam Tassie
Sara Carkagis
Sonya Mcnellee
Sudi-Laura G. Overstreet
Suzie Fry
Tania Ennor
Tanya Holt
Verity Heath
Wendy Klassen

1 comment:

Stomper Girl said...

Can you add me to the list? Caroline I'll sign up for 2.

I'm not comfortable having full name though on the blog, just put Caroline if that's okay.