Monday, 16 November 2009

tired and emotional

The reality of the reunited family unit sinks in.

Wil is ridiculously fragile, taking monumental offence at the slightest aggravation. Sadness despair anger. Poor little man.

Luckily for him a bit of soothing truck time and he's back to his happy self, laughing and dancing with his sister like it's always been so. Until the next tragedy strikes.

The girl child escaped the camera but had her own epic meltdown this afternoon, the big post trip come down and a return to the school of horrors. Poor big girl.

She was delightfully happy this morning though and keen to pose for some photos in her school uniform. But she's getting more self conscious around the camera these days and it gets harder to catch a moment when she isn't trying to look like someone else.


Tania said...

The Mr and I went away for the weekend - or more precisely, thirty hours. There were three kinds of Monday fallout to put back together today.

habitual said...

Amy's face is just GORGEOUS. Beautiful photos of both of them, I'm loving what your time up north is bringing out in your photos. Is it the lighting up there? Or the fresh sea air? ;)

I've got some fabrics....take a look and tell me if you like any of what I found.

Jill said...

Gorgeous photos! The anatomy of a meltdown :-)

Jodie said...

seriously........ cutest meltdown ever caught on camera