Wednesday, 25 November 2009

thank you and a call to arms

Well first off wow and thank you all so much for your wonderful support of my last post! I am gobsmacked by how many of you have commented and with such warm things to say! I feel totally loved and I hope the patterns and me live up to expectations!! I have to say it isn't hard to make such good fabric shine :-)

But I am also super keen to get out some larger size patterns - I totally hear you people! My pattern sizing choices are based on having a limited range of lab rats, er children, whom I can measure and make try stuff on. But the mutlti sizing expereince has been pretty positive, so I'd like to try getting things upscaled further.

Now since I am a long way from home, and from friends with lab rats, er children, I may borrow I am asking for your help. I'd like to move beyond "average" sizing charts and get some real data. My experience is that kids just like adults come in all shapes as well sizes and I want to be able to help people choose the right size pattern.

So if you have children and a few moments spare please ready your measuring tapes and keyboards! Here is what I would like to know:

1. Age
2. Gender
3. Height (floor to top of head,
4. Height (floor to top of shoulder)
5. Height (floor to waist)
6. Height (floor to knee)
7. Chest circumference (widest point)
8. Waist circumference (narrowest point)
9. Hip circumference (widest point)
10. Crotch height (easiest way to do this is measure an existing comfy pair of pants. Fold pants in half so you have the relatively straight side seam on one side and the pointy bit of the crotch arc on the other. Now measure the distance straight down from the top of the waist band towards the centre back or centre front to a line level with the lowest point of the crotch arc for both front and back)
11. Crotch depth (as above but measure distance between side seam and the widest part of crotch arc for both front and back. You may find you need to wrap the measuring tape around a bit to get the back depth all the way to the seam.)

If you can think of anything I've missed do let me know.

I really appreciate your help!

edited to add - thanks LissyLouLou - I should have added the diagram the first time! Hope it helps!


Kate said...

My kids have let me measure their stomachs only in the past and I do their height as they run past, so I can give you that. With mine the stomach measurements don't seem to change much as they get taller. This is what I measured last week.
20month old is 81cm tall and 53 cm stomach. 4.5 year olds are 104cm and 54 cm stomach.

trashalou said...

they are currently asleep so i shall nab them tomorrow after school. Although now I think about it perhaps while they sleep is a good plan for some of those measurements.

sooz said...

Yes Kate this is totally standard - both the measure on the run and the stretch growth pattern. It was actually really fascinating reading up on it for the younger sizes - add to that the nappy effect and kids change shape radically!!

Anonymous said...

Love your work - just love it. Are you ever gonna do adult patterns? Puleeeze.

LissyLouLou said...

These measurements cost me 2 jellybeans....
4yo boy (just turned 4)
floor/head = 106cm
floor/shoulder = 86
floor/waist = 60
floor/knee = 27
chest = 54
waist = 52
hips = 56
back crotch height = 23.5
front crotch height = 20
front crotch depth = 22
back crotch depth = 23.5
I also measured the rise:
front rise = 22.5
back rise = 25.5
I hope I interpreted your crotch measurement instructions correctly. Some diagrams or photos would have been helpful but only because I am a very beginner in the sewing department and still have trouble interpreting written instructions! Good luck - I look forward to buying the 'big boys' pattern.

LissyLouLou said...

Thanks for the diagram. My measurements are correct. Phew!

Leonie said...

When the 2,4 and 6 year old aren't running around like lunatics I'll get their measurements for you.

Leonie said...

All of the numbers are in the order of your posted list.
3 kids all boys.
6 years 3 months:height (h)120.5cm, (s)101cm, (w) 75cm, (k)36cm, chest 63cm, waist 56cm, hip 64cm, crotch front (h)20cm, (d)18.5cm, back (h)23, (d) 22cm.
4 years 4 months:height (h)104cm, (s)82cm, (w) 59cm, (k)28cm, chest 56.5cm, waist 51cm, hip 53cm, crotch front (h)17.5cm, (d)20cm, back (h)19, (d) 22cm.
2 years 2 months:height (h)88cm, (s)70cm, (w) 47cm, (k)22cm, chest 52cm, waist 46cm, hip 49cm, crotch front (h)17cm, (d)22cm, back (h)18, (d) 22cm.
Hope that's clear enough, if not just email and I'll send it to you.

Rex said...

righto, I'll do this tomorrow when Arch is not asleep. Or maybe while he is asleep is the best way?


pen said...

Just a note- a better way to measure crotch depth is to sit on a flat surface (table) and measure from there up to the waist. If you take a measurement from an existing pair of pants then ease will have been included and you will be end up having a snowballing problem when you go to make the pattern.
University of SA is going through the process of creating new Australian standards- can't wait to get my hands on them.

sooz said...

Thanks Pen. I thought about doing it this way but it can be a big ask to get a kid to cooperate! Plus I'm kind of interested in the question of what level of ease most people think makes a good fit - I reckon I can get close to surmising actual depth from the other measurements+averages. But thanks too for the tip about Uni of SA and new standards - will be watching for those!!

Mary said...

I keep forgetting to come back and do this for you as I usually read your posts when at work. Have written a big note on my hand to remind me tonight. For the young man of the house do you want an over the nappy measurement or rudey nudey?