Tuesday, 17 November 2009

tea towel blanks

To participate in the swap you will need blank 100% linen tea towels as a starting point. You can sew linen into tea towels but it is much easier and in some situations much cheaper to buy ready made tea towel blanks. You can locate tea towel blanks through google searches in your area. There are far more suppliers than I would have guessed!

While you can buy the tea towel blanks in small quantities, the shipping is usually very steep for smaller quantities. With the company Kate and I will be using (linen line) the shipping is flat rate no matter how many you order! You may find it worth while going in with others who live close by to split shipping...or planning on getting into some mass production!

At the beginning of the swap Kate agreed to buy a big order and then onsell them to people participating in the swap. Kate has put in her first order for towels, and they have all been snapped up. Everyone who has already emailed her will be getting their towels, but there's no leftovers for anyone else.

She'll be doing another order next year, probably start of January some time. If you want towels through that, let her know so she knows how many to order - kaviare[at]gmail.com

I will be doing an order after that at the end of Jan or start of Feb, but I'll just be back from up North and trying to sort out my life, so I am not offering to post out blanks! If you're in Melbourne (I'm in the inner North) and want to save on postage, you are welcome to come grab some from me. Because I can't promise to have my act together enough to track who wants blanks and how many right now, if you want me to get blanks for you, then keep an eye on the blog. Sometime in Jan I will post a call for orders and if you want blanks from me you'll need to contact me then.

If you have any tips about buying and using blanks, please leave comments here so we can all share our experience and knowledge.


grace said...

Are these the right kind? They seem like it, but the price is much lower than that at the Linen Line:


sooz said...

Yes these are right, and the price is pretty much the same as the price I was quote by linen line for bulk orders.

Just wanted to let people know I was recently given a tea towel from Tania (thanks again!!) and it was printed on a linen line blank and it is lovely!

Janney said...

Hi. Is 100% cotton ok? I'm having trouble finding "linen" suppliers here (New Zealand) but would still love to sign up. (Would prefer to get them locally to save on postage ) :)

sooz said...

Sorry Janney, 100% cotton is not OK for this swap. Cotton tea towels don't hold up well to washing and drying over time - the linen really lasts much better. Sorry!