Friday, 13 November 2009

hello my electronic friends

Another odd day today.

Another day without other grown ups around, another day of over reliance on electronic communication for my sanity.

Blogs, facebook, twitter, skype, even the old fashioned telephone - they've been running hot all day.

I tried to head it off at the pass by going to see a film but the cinema had changed all the sessions times since I'd looked them up on Wednesday and when I turned up it was all over.

That made me a bit cranky I can tell you, but since I didn't want my only real life human interaction of the day to consist of me acting like a spoiled brat I shut my trap and came home instead.

Luckily supplies for my major sewing job arrived shortly after so I was pretty much instantly sucked into a creative vortex that was exciting and productive and involved a fair bit of feeling like I was shit hot.

Always good when there aren't people around to adore you.

But seriously, sewing for 'work' is a dangerous undertaking. All too often it results in taking all the fun out of it which is especially bad since you don't even get to keep the stuff you make. So I was doubly happy to find myself enjoying the sewing as well as liking what was coming of it.

I was most definitely in the zone and reluctantly pulled the pin at the very last moment in order to resume parental duty.

The bushfire smoke that blew in last night hung over the horizon this morning making me think it had had blown out to sea. But a few hours later it had come back in thicker and stinkier than before so I had to keep all the doors and windows closed. When I went to pick up Wil I could see actual plumes of smoke as well as the general haze. It wasn't till I saw the news tonight that I realised how big and close the fire was and I find it kind of surprising and frustrating that it is so hard to get information about fires up here. I goggle my little head off, but generally until it turns up in the newspaper sites it's like it isn't happening. That seems a bit slack to me.

And no, I didn't go fabric shopping today - this is totally just window shopping. A quick trip to the local fabric store to pick up something for someone else and with my camera in hand I took a chance to prove I don't actually buy every nice piece of fabric I see. Just so you know.

And lastly a little compare and contrast. Think they might be related?

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sueeeus said...

Your kids are definitely related! It amazes me to see the similarities in my two as well.

As for that fabric, I was practically hyperventilating in jealousy over such a fantastic stash of amazing pieces! I loved that first leafy one and the other embroidered white on neutral one!! SO GORGEOUS and they also look very expensive. Also, I've been too lazy to comment (google reader is my friend and enemy both), but I really love how your dye job and resulting dress for A turned out -- that interesting textured fabric you found was really something. Nice work, you!!