Sunday, 15 November 2009

back to basics

We've gotten the band back together.

And had celebratory cake.

The man and the girl child made it home. Dirty and tired but happy. The house is now a total pigsty and the kids have alternated between delightful imaginative play and trying to scratch each other's eyes out. The shopping still isn't done. Wil's hair is still rediculous.

So situation is basically normal.

After the afternoon nap routine I finished off the shorts I made for D last week.

Mostly so there would be one less thing strewn on the floor of my office which is awash with sewn samples, scraps of fabric too special to toss, more fabric waiting to be sewn, paper patterns in various states of construction and deconstruction, shreds of paper, pins, threads, books and more fabric in little piles just waiting to be dispatched to various recipients in no less than four separate locations.

And speaking of textiles, I picked up some gorgeous tea towels hand printed by Black Button from my favourite little local gallery. They are destined for giftees - though since the one on the right is for D at least I get to enjoy it too. I also got some very cool christmas crackers there, my first and so far only concession to the festive season. This year I am going to do my very best to totally opt out.

And the fires nearby are still burning. And we are still being periodically overtaken by smoke that comes without warning and fills the house and then blows out again some time later. Living close to the bush has its complications.


Jodie said...

Christmas ? A perfectly lovely holiday if you do not go into a shop from October the mid January.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

No fair, posting such gorgeous black and white tea towel loveliness without a link to where to get them from.

Unless you're planning to randomly add me to your Christmas gift list? ;-)