Wednesday, 28 October 2009

what's hot and what's not

So hot...

I am really enjoying sewing. I know that's kind of obvious if you've been reading here, but just because I do it doesn't always make it fun or good. At the moment I am just loving making stuff for everyone in the family, meeting real needs with minimum waste and outlay. If you can't sew you should think about learning. It's the best.

Exploring new creative partnerships. Exciting ideas and possibilities.

Contemplating other ways to spread the craft virus. Anyone want to work with me to set up a craft school??

Finding someone in my workplace who can actually hear and share my concerns and act on them. Goes without saying that everyone deserves this and should expect it and yet it so rarely happens. Why is that?

Rediscovering that Facebook and Twitter can be lots of fun and keep you in touch with people you aren't lucky enough to be able to see in real life. I admit for a while I lost interest in them both.

A beach date tomorrow with a Melbourne mate and her sister and their families. Friends! Yay!

Planning for two new waves of visitors in November, including our adopted Thai family with their new and much loved baby. Exciting. Looking forward to showing off my driving to the Melbourne visitors. So totally uninteresting for anyone but me, but since I am the host and they have excellent manners they will have to feign being impressed :-)

Also planning for a trip to Melbourne to attend our 11th craft camp. 11! So many great times and so exciting to have a few new faces coming along and the die hard crew as well and all at our most favourite place on earth. Just need to work up the perfect menu for dinner...

Baking bread every other day. Love it.

So not...

Having the most god awful painful tonsillitis and ear infections for 11 straight days. Never had it so bad. And never taken painkillers for so many consecutive days in my life. Childbirth included.

Crappy doctors. Really, there is such a difference between a good and a bad doctor.

Finding out someone is making and selling toys using patterns from the Softies book (including mine). I know that they are being scked by a shop that doesn't have a phone listing yet so I can't ring up to say stop it. (But it is really hot that it was an ex-student of mine that alerted me and is going to go in real life to get their number - thanks Amy. Talk about above and beyond!)

Confusion and conflict in the workplace. One of the things I really value about where I currently work is the general tenancy for my colleagues to just get on with the job. Sounds simple enough and yet people, especially when in large organisations, and even more especially when those organisations are subject to the vagaries of public policy and politics so often get diverted off the path and end up just making trouble for themselves and everyone else. This kind of culture is like tinnitus to me (a painful and relentless annoyance you can't be sure anyone else can hear), a slow and gradual decline into insanity. I have been really scrambling not to lose my balance.

Amy saying you know I feel really sorry for B (a class mate at school). His mum is in hospital and he doesn't know who will look after him each day and when he comes to school sometimes he doesn't have any lunch or just a sandwich, which is not enough to eat. And he is really rough with other kids and sad too. I have been thinking about B a lot.

The extra hour earlier I have to check in for my flight than the passengers of other airlines do. Is this a Tiger Scareways scumbag airline tax?

The mornings getting fully light at 4.30am. Come on people, can't we have daylight saving?! I mean I wouldn't mind if everything else (in particular the TV programming) came forward an hour too, but this is doing my head in...

Amy complaining her throat is sore for 2 days now. Doesn't bode well for the future...

That crappy Go channel skipping a whole lot of survivor episodes. WHY!?

My old computer (now Amy's) running so slow it can't even play you tube any more. Time to call the 'puter doctor.


Frogdancer said...

'Go' didn't skip the Survivor episodes... they just jammed them all together for Survivor marathons over the last two or three weeks.

Tom1, evan4 and I have been staying upo late and ewatching them. Awesome series this time!! Next week there's a two hour stint of the new series.... just love it!

Say hi to Janet.

Kate said...

Hope you are on the mend really soon.
Thanks for trying to sort the Softies copycats. Frustrating when you see and hear this. I have found people using these patterns on Etsy (and Etsy never respond to my emails) and MadeIt. I always tell the copyright owner, but there seems to be people who just don't care that they are using someone elses patterns.

Jodie said...

Craft school !!!!??????

trashalou said...

This craft school? Will there be a correspondence course department?