Tuesday, 27 October 2009

the next stage

Daily I look at this crazy mess and think to myself, that boy needs a hair cut! I know once he has it, he will start to look like the little boy he is, not the toddler he was.

And we'll all say how grown up he looks! And I will be reflecting on how fast the baby years went with him and how exciting this new phase is but how I feel a little sad those other days are gone.

But he does not like the idea of a hair cut at all. Despite watching the whole family get theirs done he has no desire to join in. He hates me touching, brushing, shampooing or even talking about his hair (and he has the cradle cap to prove it). Nooooooo! You stop it! he says.

And there are moments when I love his tender locks. When he has woken from a sweaty afternoon nap and those thin little curls are stuck to his head, or when he's fresh out of the shower and it's all sticky uppy all over the place and we call him the mad professor. So really, what's the hurry?

Push me pull you.


Anonymous said...

No hurry at all.

In the blink of an eye your boy will be 35 like mine!

Hope you're feeling better.

I'd like to sign with something other than anonymous but this blog business is beyond me.

However, if I had one I would be Minymo.

So, kia ora. Minymo!

Eleanor said...

Sighing here as I remember my son's blond locks, mmmmmm......

Hope you feel better soon!

LOVE your comments! I've been catching up on your latest posts and laughed when I saw your review of Van Diemen's Land. I went to a lecture at AFTRS given by the 2 guys who made the film. They really pissed me off with their arty farty nonsense so at "question time" I stood up very bravely and asked them if they had a TARGET AUDIENCE in mind AT ALL for the film.

They seemed quite taken aback.

Their answer: "People like us and...ummm...probably all Australians because we are all so fascinated by our convict heritage."

Good grief.

Anonymous said...

He, He, First son was 12 months at his first haircut, Second son, was 18 months(& snow white blonde!)for his first haircut - Third son was almost 3 befoe I cut his - very reluctantly! Is 4.5 now & still has only had 3 haircuts! He is my baby & I hate it everytime he looks so big, when he has short hair, plenty of time to grow up, so I agree wholeheartedly - NO RUSH!Siobhan.