Saturday, 24 October 2009

a funny old day

So my heinous tonsillitis/ear infections/cough/sore throat/gamy eye/cold has improved not at all and swallowing brings the kind of pain I associate with violent trauma and now the d is under the weather too. He's either coming down with what Wil had and now I have, or he's on the second round of some giardia type parasite he picked up from tap water in Aceh and had him off to the GP about exactly 28 days ago. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Today was an exercise in amusing the children with minimal parental strain. D spent most of the day in bed while I managed quite well except for the aforementioned swallowing. Wil had a quick trip out in the world to fetch the newspaper while Amy and I knocked off the leggings I had promised her to go with the dress we made yesterday.

For weeks she's been asking me to make her an 'everyday' dress - basically she's sick of me telling her that coming home from school and putting on a 'party' dress is not OK. So when I was in Darwin I picked her up some light grey and white cotton seersucker (not quite the black and white zebra print she had her heart set on but I don't know, I think seven is too young for animal prints?).

She chose the contrast colour (red) and specified elasticised short puffy sleeves, slip over the head without closures, a bow, some 'decoration on the front' and the length. I didn't have a pattern so I just made it up. We are both very happy with the result.

I had seen this leggings pattern when the autumn Ottobre came out and mentally bookmarked it because of the pin tuck detailing around the leg. So when Amy asked for black leggings (we compromised on grey, not least because I had this fabric already left over from the pin tuck T-shirt I made before we left for Darwin) I traced it off (a single pattern piece! bliss!) and made them up in no time at all.

I opted to use the same double needle stitching I did on my T instead of proper pin tucks because the fabric is super stretchy and I could just see her bustin' all the stitches in a jiffy. Lovely pattern, shall be making it over and over again.

And because the leggings were such a snip, Amy asked if we might finally get onto the project she's been angling for ever since we made her bed quilt - a doll's quilt for her to play with. Since Wil also has a fondness for wrapping up his mousey I decided we could do the two together and use up some of the pretty scraps I had. She picked all the fabrics while I did the slicing with the rotary cutter and then we decided the layouts together.

She watched on while I pieced the top of Wil's and then she did her own. There was a fair bit of unpicking but she managed the process really well. Then I did the quilting and binding while the kids watched Tom and Jerry and Mr Bean on You Tube.

While Wil and D slept Amy and I headed out to the supermarket to get some basic supplies and even though it seemed really hot this morning, by the time Amy, Wil and I got in the pool it was really too cold for everyone except Amy. So once we were dried I put the kids in front of the computer yet again to watch the latest hot on DVD (don't ask) and I got on to finishing the linen shirt renovation I started before we went to Darwin. Because the shirt is black and the light wasn't great by the time I'd finished I couldn't get any decent photos, so they'll have to wait till tomorrow. But I think it's pretty good. D said it looked expensive, which is a compliment I think.

Then I made a great big dinner because I'd set it all in train before D fell ill and it was lucky I had excess because I'd put a bit of the meat on the BBQ before I realised that the funny smell was in fact roasting possum shit. Needless to say I had to bin the lot, clean the hot plates and start again.

And while the meat was grilling and the kids were making cubbies and wrapping up stuffed toys I put a loaf of bread into the oven. And I had planned to use the ricotta I made earlier in the day for some palak paneer, but I am guessing D won't be up for it for a while yet so I am thinking about how I might use it in a kid friendly way. After that I made a huge bowl of fruit salad and finally got the kids in bed and looky it's after nine.

Since I suspect tomorrow will hold much of the same (sick parents, bored kids, a general reluctance to the leave the house) I will spend my small allotment of quiet time before bed contemplating the board shorts I intend to sew for D, whether I should make Wil some pants from the left over seersucker and what projects I might need to get me through the gift giving season.


trashalou said...

Sorry to hear you are both feeling so yuk but am loving those leggings. If i get brave enough I may attempt some for Princess Curly-Wurly.

Only two pieces traced from an existing pair, you say??

thornberry said...

Yukky day for you yet so productive! The dress is terrific and now you've inspired me to get out that issue of Ottobre and sew up some leggings - the twin needle stitching seems like such a better way to do it than pintucks. The little doll blankets are too cute - and great work at the machine Amy!

Claire said...

pretty damn productive for a sick mum :-) That seersucker makes a lovely dress.

Jodie said...

Ha ! BBQ possum poo.Sorry my brain is permanently in primary school toilet humour mode and that made me laugh.
A huge day really .

Cass said...

I absolutely love that dress. My girls definitely need some of those wear at home dresses

travellersyarn said...

Love the outfit, and I need to make sure that the girls aren't looking over my shoulder, otherwise they will make me, make them one too. The pleats on the leggings are especially cute.