Monday, 26 October 2009

enough of the pretty

It is a work day for me today and I am still sick (day 9! can't believe it!), so there's no fun to report on (though I did make some very cute long shorts for the littlest yesterday as planned.)

Instead I'll just purge my brain on the page.

A friend of mine has become involved in a local housing project that's designed to help some really needy people find a safe place to live. She has become involved because she's really horrified about the way many of the local residents are resisting the development. The language they use to describe people in need, and the way they characterise groups such as single mothers totally shocked and appalled her. Head over to her blog, and if you live in the general Bentleigh area I hope you'll give some thought to supporting the initiative and challenge others who equate in need with undesirable (or criminal or drug addicted or immoral or...).

I'm going to compile a list of places to go, things to do and see, good shops, restaurants, cafes etc in and around Noosa so I'd welcome suggestions.

I want a good palak paneer recipe.

Why can't I read pages and pages of stuff and actually remember what I read? And why in hell given this reading disability I have did I choose a job in which I constantly need to read pages and pages and remember what I read?

I am loving new music by Lisa Mitchell, Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson, Lily Allen and Black Eyed Peas.

I am thinking about driving a rather long distance in a few weeks time, without a navigator or coach, to pick up friends from the airport. I am in turns quite excited and completely terrified. Do I dare?

Looks like D is headed into even greater opportunities to do his work up North. I am encouraging him like crazy at the same time as thinking more time apart and more stress for him is not something I should be seeking. It gets me fantasising about a whole different life direction for us.

I really want someone to invent a new and delicious vegetable. I'm bored with all the other ones.
(I stole this from my sister)

I have some excellent gift knitting planned, but I'm kidding myself about getting it done in this heat. Do I give IOUs or just do something else?

Why isn't there anything good for lunch on the days I am at home?

I am planning a banquet dinner for 9. I have a moderately dysfunctional oven at my disposal and someone else has to do all the shopping. I'd planned Thai (because I think I'm pretty good at that) but I don't think it will be a crowd pleaser so now I have to think of something else. I'm excited about this but I think the chances of finding 9 small round eggplants is slim. I am tossed up between greek, lebanese, mexican....totally indecisive!

I really should have baked bread today. Breakfast will be interesting.

I'd rather be sewing.


frog said...

Go for lebanese, tasty and can be as impressive or casual as you need.

We've got the social housing thing happening near us, as well. It's sickening to hear the language used by the opponents. Compassion, much?

Bamboo is great for hot weather knitting but only if you're giving how weather gift, I guess.

I'd rather be sewing too.

bentleighsocialhousing said...

Thanks for the plug, Soozs... :-)

Leonie said...

Go a roast. I know it's hot up there but you chop it up put it in and ignore it while socialising with your guests. As long as the oven will behave itself for that long. If you have an outdoor bbq with a lid you could do the meat in there. I know it wasn't on your list but roast rock!