Friday, 30 October 2009

dye works

We did another round in the dye works today. Violet and navy produced this wonderful inky purple. Destined for another everyday dress for the (young) lady of the house for her upcoming trip to Darwin with her dad. Should certainly do well in the absence of the iron.

Again the photos seem to exaggerate the contrast between dark and light.

Here's another attempt to capture the grey, perhaps a little better this time but still missing it's essential dance between dark and light.

And since the mixing of the dye colours produced more dye than I needed for the lightweight bubbly cotton, I chucked in a length of linen I dyed unsatisfactorily weeks ago. I like it too. No plans for it yet.

And lastly Amy has really taken off in her own sewing these last few days. I've given her a 'scrap bag' of her own and when I am down working in my office she often comes down and has a play with fabric and the machine. She picked up one of the sleeves that remained after the black linen shirt make over from last week and without so much as discussing it with me she sewed it up and made herself a little bag.

She presented me with this little piece of machine embroidery yesterday, along with one that said WIL. Too cute. Today she made a really excellent little snap closed purse (photos tomorrow). I had to help her a bit, but she did all the sewing and most of the design work too. I am so very pleased and excited.


Eleanor said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

P.S. I bet Stompergirl will love these purply shades. I do too.

eeloh said...

What a fantastic gift, that she'll have all her life.