Saturday, 31 October 2009

au revoir blogtober

I think we'll all be glad when this daily posting is up, right? You're as exhausted as me aren't you? I tell you my knitting progress has been hopeless and my evening conversation more than a little stilted.

But I have been very happy that blogtober has resulted in me articulating a few things that until now have just been hanging around in an unformed kind of way. And as a result of saying them out loud I have acted on them, taken steps to start some balls rolling. And that's a good thing.

The other has been refocusing on my camera and on the task of recording life in a more meaningful way.

While I have utterly failed to do a study of the amazing variety of grevillias and banksias I pass on a daily basis, I have managed to capture some really beautiful images of, in particular, my children.

Portraiture has long been my favourite style so I am very happy with some of these images. I have to say, they make it easy these two.

(do go check out my photos on flickr for more if you like the ones you see here).

But I didn't spend today contemplating blogtober.

In fact this morning I spent quite a bit of time thinking about lakes. At the crack o dawn we headed off to Boreen Point to check out Lake Cootharaba. Especially at such an early hour it was astonishingly peaceful, with some lovely little houses overlooking the lake in a sleepy holiday town kind of way.

The kids lost one piece of clothing after the next until they were both paddling nudie in the knee high water, chasing fish and itty bitty baby crustaceans.

D and I relaxed on the old rug scanning the headlines, although it was tough to hold the papers up in the increasing breeze, so I gave up and did a few rounds of the monkey socks while I watched the kids.

And the whole time I had this funny kind of image in my head that I couldn't quite tease out. After I wandered off for a little walk I realised that lakes just haven't really featured much in my life.

I've been more a beach and bush kind of girl and pretty much all the images I had in my head that came anywhere close to what I was seeing came from the pop culture references of my youth and my more recent blog reading.

I was kind of shocked to realise this made me think of the lake's landscape and vista, and the houses that dotted its shore as being American. Summer camp and holiday houses with little wooden jetties and lots of greenery and a big wide horizon of flat water. Life a long way from the coast.

And I can't imagine a life away from the sea, but it was a lovely place the spend the morning and it was really delightful to see the kids so relaxed in the water.

When we came home, in between lunch and errands (including another bargain from the half price fabric bin in town) and a trip to the beach before dinner for a run and some sea air I started drafting a pattern for the everyday dress and am contemplating how I might make it available to others. Clothes patterns are so awkward to transmit electronically...

Then tonight to celebrate the end of October and a Saturday without too many obligations I cooked a couple of new dishes (with recipes from a trusted source), both of which were extremely good. No photos because I was too busy eating. I am reminded again why it is always good to make the effort to cook new things, and how it is never as hard as you think it might be, but how much easier it always seems to make the same old stuff over and over.


QuiltingFitzy said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed your blogtober! Your children are just beautiful, and your cheeky humor suits my style. Wishing every month was October so I could read you daily, but am quite content to have you on my reader so I can get my fill when you are able.

Habitual said...

LOVE the photo of Amy dipping her toe in the lake, all of the portraits are stunning. You really capture them well!

It's funny about lakes.... I grew up on the Great Lakes, and when I think in my mind that "I want to always live near water", I mean a lake or river. Now that I'm in Boston is has a completely different meaning if one says such a thing. It's extra awkward because never in a million years would I go for a swim in the ocean! Yikes!

Ren said...

You take really nice photos Suzie. They're all beautiful and I particularly like Wil's big, big, generous smile!

LissyLouLou said...

Thanks for posting the link to the 'allconsuming: food' blog. I have just spent 1 hour reading through her posts! A new addition to my Favourites list.