Sunday, 6 September 2009


The quilt has been quilted and slept under and adored. Very happy.

The Stonewall has been blocked (oh the transformation that is blocked lace!) and wrapped over me and adored. Very happy.

Now that immediate needs have been met I'm finding it hard to focus on the next big thing.

On the knitting front, I've frogged the Clapotis I started because it really wasn't doing it for me. Maybe the yarn, maybe the pattern, maybe just the wrong time. While waiting for some inspiration to strike I pulled out the wee ball of left over sock yarn a lovely lady gave me on last craft camp and the wee ball of left over silk merino from the Stonewall and started a totally unnecessary and climatically inappropriate skinny moss stitch scarf. Funnily enough I am totally loving it. Such a knitterly piece of fabric and it displays the noro kureyon sock yarn colour progressions at their absolute best. Hope the yarn holds out long enough for it to make a scarf that's long enough to actually wear. If not I'll call it art and simply put it on the wall.

On the sewing front I have been ruminating on beach wear. I bought a stack of swimwear fabrics before I left Melbourne, but now that I'm here I want different things than I thought I would. Rash vests rather than tanks, board shorts rather than one pieces. All my fabric lengths are wrong. So I keep pulling them out and laying out pattern pieces and walking away defeated only to try it all again the next day. So far the stars aren't aligning which is a bit frustrating. I'm putting in an SOS call to the fabric peddler.

In the mean time quite by chance I found a funny little fabric remnanty kind of place out in the industrial estate. I got a lovely funky piece of canvas I think may become my next beach bag, a slubby grey denim and a long piece of very well priced white Irish linen. I think this may get a dye job and end up as some kind of wrappy tunic thing. Perhaps.

I also got a lovely parcel care of Ms Jansdotta on the other side of the world, some sale and remnant pieces. Quite the special treat. I think these may be just what I need to finally get onto the hat. Maybe.

So a few possibilities, sure, but nothing is really jumping out and offering itself up for the instant gratification I seek.

Luckily I have been well occupied by my visiting sister. Such a special occasion to have a bit of time together well separated from the hurry and busy of real life. And a huge help to have someone on Aunty duty with the kids, who think she's pretty shit hot. We had a ball yesterday when we dodged two massive downpours and had a little boaty outing up the Noosa river. Marvelous fun. A little hairy at times with Wil seeking to better investigate the outboard motor, but otherwise most civilised. The sunshine and smiles say it all.

D and I also got a night off to go here and pretend to be groovy rich people. I think the Kingswood gave us away but everyone was most polite at pretending to believe us. Food was bloody fantastic.


Jodie said...

Heya groovy rich people! It is a hard feeling to describe, that one where you have the stuff and you have the time..but you just don't have the KAPOW to make something just have to wait tit out I guess and soemthing will jump out at you...

eeloh said...

Ah that's the thing about places like Sydney and QLD which are warm and have so much beach to them... boating is a lot more accessible. What fun... was it Mole or Ratty who said there was nothing better than messing about in boats?

norma said...

i had to go and order some lotta after reading your post, bliss ! the quilt looks lovely and you are a busy bee with all your other stuff. where ohh!! where did you find the industrial estate ?? you must have a good nose for sniffing out fabric !

sooz said...

Norma, I went to the industrial estate looking for a bakery someone had told me made good bread. I found the expensive but delightful fresh food market which had all manner of food delights, though the bread was not what I had hoped for. While driving through I saw a sign for the fabric place - oddzandendz. The estate itself is signposted quite well - it's out the back of noosaville near tewantin and is where all the plumbing suppliers and cabinet makers and the like are.