Sunday, 23 August 2009

do you know someone who may know someone who has been diagnosed with hepatitis C?

My fantabulous sister is conducting research as part of her Master's degree and she needs some volunteers to answer a questionnaire. She works bloody hard and she's very smart and her work is really important. If you can help her by passing on the word I would be ever so grateful. Here's the deal:

Understanding distress in those with hepatitis C: My research project.
I am looking for people who have received a hepatitis C diagnosis who would be willing to complete an anonymous online questionnaire about the impact that hepatitis C has had on their life. I am interested in looking at different things which may make having hepatitis C more distressing and which things may make it less distressing and how they may feel about life with hepatitis C.

The online questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete. There is more information on the introduction page, it can be accessed though this link. Responses are valued and completely anonymous.

This project is part of my Master of Psychology studies at Swinburne University of Technology (Victoria, Australia).

If you are interested in participating in the questionnaire, it can be found here.

Many, many thanks to those who generously share their experience.

Please point anyone else who may be interested to this post.

Best regards, Margie Fry

An update from Margie: Please forward my heartiest of thanks to your blogging friends who put the call out for my survey.

Although I will continue to gather more survey responses, I have reached the minimum survey number now, which is fantastic for two reasons: one: it's a great personal milestone in my research, but secondly, and more importantly, it means the potential for real findings and dissemination of information which I hope will benefit people with hep C via improved understanding in the healthcare field.

Let me know if anyone wants to read the publication I presented at the Australian Psych conference, and I will email it on. (you can contact Margie at

Many thanks from me for all your help everyone - the internet rides high.


Ren said...

Sure Sooz, will pass it on. I have a few friends in the medical profession who would know people who know people and who really like the idea of more research etc etc. R

PSPam said...

Is this a recent request? I have an extensive Hepatitis C info list. Would you like me to post to all those on it?

sooz said...

That would ne fantastic Pam! Thanks.

PSPam said...

Done. I hope you hear from a lot of people :-)


Terri said...

Delphi forums, available here: has a pretty active forum dealing with Hepatitis C. She could post the link there. Delphi is free to join and they don't spam you, so it might be worthwhile.

Kate said...

I've passed this on to our HepC education coordinator here. Hopefully she can get it out to her contacts. :)