Monday, 17 August 2009

as requested

There hasn't been much knitting going on here, which is hardly surprising what with one thing and another. Like the climate and all.

But I am persisting with the Stonewall and since it was requested here's an updated pic of progress to date. I am nearing the end - I think I'm about 85% done and I can't bear the thought of leaving it till next year to go the last bit. Plus I've memorised the pattern and it is enjoyable to knit and I very much like the finished fabric. All of which leads toward completion. So far and unblocked it measures 56 x 134 cm which is pretty big, but not quite big enough. I've still got about about 80gms of wool I think and I intend going till it's all gone, but I am enjoying seeing it disappear! And then I'm going to block the begeezuz out of it.

And just to keep me going in a hot car driving to Brisbane and back I started the Clapotis in bamboo. Jury is still out on this one - I'll let you know.

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habitual said...

Luvz it! It looks really cozy.