Sunday, 12 July 2009


I'm only a week late, which in current circumstances is nothing short of totally bloody miraculous, but at last I can tell you Ren is the winner of the hat. I'll get the hat to you pronto Ren to keep wee Archie's head warm!

In the great packing nightmare I am discovering all kinds of things I don't want but which I feel too attached to to simply send off to the op shop. I'll be posting them here as give aways over the next few days so stay tuned.

I promise I'll try not to complain too much about the packing, though that will be very hard since I am totally hating it and it feels absolutely bottomless. The whole house is in chaos, boxes and piles and random detritus in every corner. Nauseating.

But all weekend we've packed while the kids have been off with the out laws and we kept saying two and a half weeks as we pass each other. While I cart rubbish and fill boxes and get despondent and D builds downpipes and puts up splash backs and loads up the roof storage we keep our eyes on the prize (can you hear the ocean?). He's trying to get the house in shape enough to pass our final building inspection before we go and I'm trying to stay sane.

I found enough time to pick the tiniest ever perfectly formed pink lady apple off the tree out the back. Our one and only apple this year which came from some weird second bloom in late summer, it was tiny but delish. The fruit trees are clearly showing the signs of too many years of drought and shockingly hot days. I wonder what they will do this year?

And all kinds of other things have been happening, but now that we've hit the sprint section I'm not sure they really matter.


Sarah Jayne said...

Packing is horrible - and it's always chaos.
It'll be worth it in the long run. Honest LOL

innercitygarden said...

I hate packing too. Last time we debated the merits of a box marked "Safe Place For Important Things". We didn't do it, but we should have. The Bloke still can't find his supply of Astor tickets.

Kate said...

Ugh! The random detritus. Not categorised enough to put in a box, not close enough to rubbish to throw out. My least favourite part!

Stitching At Stone Cottage said...

oohh, dont be too radical..i sliced and diced my craft room a few years ago when we were renovating, and i really really regret getting so organised!