Friday, 10 July 2009

round 2

So it seems the house is sorted. I say seams because over the last week I have learned nothing if not to take nothing for granted. Getting shafted whilst under pressure does tend to make you mistrustful. Anyway, assuming I am just a paranoid old cow, this time in three weeks we should be waking up in our new house in sunny Queensland, listening to the distant crash of waves.

All of which means it's time for round two of this insane battle. The big pack.

As I walk from one room to another all I see are bigger and scarier packing challenges - what to take and what to leave behind? The kids toys and books, the bathroom medicines, linen and assorted paraphernalia, the kitchen collections of recipe books, tupperware and home made jam, the bedroom clothes, files....exhaustion sets in just surveying the damage.

But let's be clear here - the real challenge, the one occupying my mind as I lie awake at night, is the studio. For a while I seriously considered leaving it all behind. I imagined time with my family undistracted by the projects I wanted to get my teeth into. I thought about reading books and cooking interesting meals and just hanging out. And I kid of looked forward to a life unencumbered by stash and stuff and patterns and all the bits that make crafting so possible. I thought that would be very nice.

But everyone who knows me questioned my sanity on this point. Some people actually laughed in that cruel and demeaning way reserved for people who are clearly deluded and should know better. And it's true, I don't think I can go for so long without the capacity, the tools and materials, to make. I want to sew and knit and make the things it occurs to me we need while we are away. Such needs will arise as surely as the days come and go.

So yesterday I bought the lycra and lining for at least two new swim suits because I figure a daily swim should be motivation to really conquer swim wear. I also bought the last of a discounted cotton linen bolt at Tessuti which I was planing something nice to wear when it suddenly occurred to me last night that it might in fact be perfect for the base for a quilt. So there's two major undertakings right there. And I have a new book project to work on, so there's stuff for that, and there's quite a bit of lovely fabric that's just perfect for summer clothing. Last year in the clegs sale I bought some lovely bamboo yarn super cheap with tropical knitting in mind, and there's a box of cotton yarn I put aside for knitted checker and backgammon boards. And I'll be needing pattern books for all this too, so I'll be taking the Ottobres and all the associated pattern drafting bits and pieces as well as knitting books and mags. Of course I'll need to pop in threads, zippers, buttons, elastic, trims, interfacings and linings and all the everyday tools and gadgets I can't do without in the making room.

And I'm guessing there won't be a major fabric and habby outlet in Noosa (is there?!) so there's a degree of pressure to really think through all the stuff I might need. A bit like craft camp on steroids. And all this adds up to a complete shit load of stuff. So how do I draw a line in the sand, er stash, and say this goes and this stays?

While I know I can cope with whatever I take and I am sure I'll find whatever I truly need up there (or from the blessed internet), the packing is important because it is m chance amidst the hurly burly to really think through what this next little bit of time will really be about for me on a creative level. Do I really want to simply continue my life here up there? Or do I want to deliberately shift the focus by the inclusion (and thus exclusion) or certain types of materials and tools? Do I want to get clear and simple, or leave my options open? Do I want to force myself, through circumstance, to address projects and materials I have neglected because other things have been more immediate, more attractive, easier?

Vexing questions these.

I'll be thinking them through today while Wil naps and Amy and I are sewing doona covers for her and Wil to have on the single beds at the new house. We don't have single beds here and I had two lots of sheeting in the stash for exactly this purpose so we're preparing and stash busting at the same time. Brilliant. Let's call it warming up for the fight.


Jodie said...

I'm the old wizened dude holding your towel over in your corner, no earthly bloomin use, but in your corner - cheering you on!
I cannot imagine packing my sewing room - I took a car full just to go to sewjourn for a weekend.

froginthepond said...

I'm voting for leaving some stash behind to clear your head and studio for the change in environment. Plan what you need to take for the swimwear, summer clothes and house. But leave yourself room to open up to your new surrounds and listen and see the new possibilities.

Easy for me to say, of course ; ) I'm just grateful I'm not the one packing up a house!

Michelle said...

I shudder to think about packing up my sewing room. That's why I have declared this house to be our house for life.

Good luck with it all! I don't know about fabric shops in Noosa, but there is a Spotlight in Mooloolaba and I think a Lincraft in Maroochydore? Or it may have closed ... Plus there are quilt shops and fabric shops dotted all over the Sunshine Coast.

Brisbane isn't too far away if you get desperate.

Janet said...

Betty tells me that there are all the big shops including a spotlight in tewantin or one of the suburb/satellites of noosa. She says it's quite civilised...

nikkishell said...

I'm only a phonecall a way and we express post packaged from Tessuti ;)