Saturday, 25 July 2009

more giveaways from the cone of silence

All giveaways now given away. Thanks to Wil (AKA the random number generator), the gloves are off to Shula, the socks to Triskele, the hat to Kim and the patterns to Nikki - enjoy!

The advance crew have left and after 24 hours of total chaos I am deafened by the silence. Well, human silence. The washer and bust buster have been going full pelt since they left dealing with the debris left behind.

Pretty much every thing is gone - there's a few changes of clothes to see Wil and I through to the middle of next week, a few piles of papers I need to deal with and a bunch of books and magazines I intend to selectively scan. There's the toys Wil can't part with, plus the ones we're leaving out for the new house occupants and the DVDs I have been plugging Wil into to ensure I can get all the jobs done. Otherwise it's just endless expanses of empty shelves and cupboards.

And can I say, it feels very peculiar. I miss Amy, and I'm jealous of the marvellous time she will have with her dad while they road trip it up North (used to be me and him, but I've been left for a younger woman...). And it's just plain weird to be living here after all my stuff's gone. And there's a pile of cleaning and last minute tidying and packing to do, but basically, I am just waiting around. So very unlike me!

Time to contemplate a few things in the detritus.The simplest of toys. We used to make these as kids (not as fancy spider man, I seem to recall we made very primitive monkeys back in our day) and spend ages making them jump and turn. I bought this one at the Walking Market in Chiang Mai 4 years ago and it is still going strong. Still loving it.

Glimpses into the mind of a child. So complicated!

The disturbing sight of the full contingent of inherited, found and bought Cars merchandising. If you read this blog with any regularity, you should be aware of how I feel about merchandising, so I'm not quite sure how this all came about, but Wil is utterly devoted to these little vehicles. Every op shop, fete and market stall is scoured by him and if there are figurines there, he'll find them. They are very rarely gathered together (this is probably a first) since Wil loves to hide them in all kinds of places. Sometimes I'm lucky to be able to find more than a couple but I try and keep at least one or two close by for emergency meltdowns.

The effort to get rid of stuff I haven't/can't/won't pack is now in high gear. Giveaway 3 is going off to Kelly so now it's time for giveaways 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Giveaway 4 is the hat. I made this one a month or so ago and while I love the fabrics inside and out (it's fully reversible), the hat is just not the shape I want. It looks like it is the shape I want, but it doesn't feel like I want it to feel.I wanted a wider, flatter brim. I'm going to be trying to make something that's more what I had in mind when I get to Noosa. I have an average size head and it fits me fine.

Giveaway 5 is some socks.I knitted these for Amy and they are too small for her now. In truth they were never exactly roomy, so I think they would suit maybe a 4 year old? Maybe 5? They are definitely used, but not at all worn if that makes sense. I'd keep them for Wil, but I'm pretty sure by 4 he'll be letting me know just what he thinks of wearing pink stripe socks.

Giveaway 6 is a bunch of vintage baby/kid patterns. I'm pretty sure all the pattern pieces are there, though I think some of the instructions are missing - best not take these if you are a brand new sewer just in case!

Giveaway 7 is fingerless mitts. My hand dyed camel yarn in a pattern cobbled together from a bunch of others. Basically I haven't worn these at all since I knitted them - they are too big for me. I know I could frog them and re-use the lovely yarn but frankly I can't be fagged. Let me know if you have big cold hands!

I just got my first phone call home - only 3 hours into the trip.
Me: So where are you?
A: Near a kindergarten thing.
Me: But do you know where the kindergarten thing is?
A: Yeah, just near the basketball court.
Me: Oh. So is it in a town or anything, what else can you see?
A: Not much. There's farms and stuff and lots of boring nature. Actually there isn't much nature at all.


Stitching At Stone Cottage said...

good luck with the move..would love the vintage sewing patterns if they still need a loving home....i also have a great summer hat pattern i make each year...if you are interested when you get to your new digs, let me know...

Frogdancer said...

That hat would be Just The Thing for yard duty in summer, if it's still needing a home.

That shot of the cars reminded me of when Tom1 (now 17) was addicted to Thomas the Tank Engine. Thank goodness those days are past! (Though he's singing in his room at the top of his lungs even as I type. At least Thomas had that lovely Ringo Liverpuddlian accent!)

Jodie said...

oh all that boring nature stuff can be a real drag on a long trip!

Suse said...

Bloody nature.

Did you realise that your new camera is so good I can see the dead fly on the wristwarmers? And, except for the fly, I would totally put my hand up for the warmers but I have little hands. And we have enough dead flies in our own house, thanks.

PS. I LOVE that hat. Lucky frog!

Nikki said...

Ooh, ooh.... vintage patterns....

My wee girl would hyperventilate in the same way over Cars figurines.

Hope the hat works for you.... and that all is smooth sailing from here on.

Duyvken said...

Soozs! I have spent half of tonight trying to find J's small lightning mcqueen toy without success. He was playing with it this afternoon and then, after dinner, it was nowhere to be found. I hope it magically turns up in the morning!

kim at allconsuming said...

Grover has just discovered Lightening McQueen - the car fetish is otherwise well established. It must be something to do with the eyes.

So how does this giveaway thing work? First in gets first dibs? In which case I completely lucked out, having taken quite a fancy to that hat and the vintage patterns (I KNOW!).

Triskele said...

I've got a four year old daughter with cold feet and a passion for pink stripes - and a three year old sister to pass them on to next year. I cant wait to hear of your adventures in Queensland, Thank you for such a great blog.

Tania said...

I have just come over all wonderment at your fingernails. Sorry. The very last thing you'd probably want in a comment - BUT HOW ON EARTH DID YOU DO ALL THAT PACKING AND THEN STILL HAVE THOSE LITTLE BEAUTIES ON HAND TO POSE?

Mightily impressed.