Friday, 17 July 2009

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IMG_0664, originally uploaded by Soozs.

A baby play mat made by me from cotton broadcloth in primary kind of colours, with inserts of Vietnamese alphabet hand embroidery (some puzzling and amusing interpretations there). It has quite thick batting and is only lightly tie quilted, so it's nice and smooshy for a baby lolling about looking at the world. Approximately one metre square.

It is machine washable, though on the first wash some of the colour ran a smidge, so a little bit of the white cotton has some colour watermarks.

I'd love to give this one to someone with a baby on the way or newly arrived - even better if you also have a kid or two currently learning the alphabet!

Remember - leave a comment with contact details.


Anonymous said...

Hi Soozs, I'm a long time reader who finds a lot of inspiration in your creations. This play mat would be hugely appreciated by my sister in law who is due to birth her 2nd child in September. All the best for your move! Melanie (

Becca said...

I am totally sure I am not eligible, since I live in the US, but I love this play mat! I am due in January, and I have made a (super plain) play mat before for a friend, but this has given me some good ideas!

Elizabeth said...

How beautiful, my Granddaughter would adore it, she is starting to recognise letters of the alphabet.....lovely work....

Elizabeth said... email is

Jonesie said...

Oh YES! My best friend has one on the way and this would be great!
clagannie [at] hotmail [dot] com

Michelle M said...

Hi, I'm a new reader, and I'm really enjoying your blog. I'd love to go in the draw for this, please. I have an 8mth old girl who would love to play on this, and a 3 yr old son who is learning letters. So it would definately be put to good use in my home!
michelle at completefragments dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm probably not eligible either ( I also live in the US) but I'm due in February and this playmat is just beautiful.

If it makes any difference I'd be willing to pay the shipping.
Please consider me.

Leah said...

This mat is so beautiful and unique. I am just finishing putting together the not so baby yoda for my six month old girl from the pattern I found on your blog. Having trouble working out how to do the ties but hope to figure it out soon. Would love to go in the draw for this play mat.

millymollymandy loves to quilt said...

Hi there,
my mum gave me one of those enbroidered alphabet fabric pieces as a gift on her return from Vietnam ! I had forgotten all about it until I read this post !
I found some of the pictures a tad scary ...!
Love your blog,