Monday, 13 July 2009

clean up clean out giveaway one

This is GONE now - congrats Kate, hope it helps ease your back with velcro baby.

Mei Tai, originally uploaded by Soozs.

I have totally loved this Mei Tai baby carrier. Made by me* nearly two years ago from denim and a lovely white and red print 100% linen, it has been very useful. I used it to carry Wil on my back, hip and front from about nine months to about two years. He's too big and heavy for me to carry now, though if I was stronger the carrier would be up to the job still. It has good long straps suitable for larger figures, but they can easily be cut shorter for a smaller person.

I can't bring myself to send it to the op shop where those unfamiliar with the mei tei will have no idea what it is and it will just as likely sit ignored or get cut up or something.

So do you have a bub, or know someone with a bub who would use this kind of carrier? If so leave a comment and I'll pick a recipient in the next week or so. It weighs over 500gm, so I'm not offering to pay international shipping, but if you'll pay shipping I'm happy to send it anywhere.

Edited to add - this is really only suitable for older bubs - at least 6 months.

* if you google mei tai patterns you'll find this one as well as lots of pics and instructions on different ways to wear it.


sunrisesister said...

ooh ooh me please! :)

innercitygarden said...

I've been wishing I had something to tie the kid on my back (his head blocks my vision in the hug-a-bub). I think he's big enough to walk, sadly he thinks we're into attachment parenting a lot more than we are. I promise to pass it on to friends who would appreciate it when I'm done.

kate.j.clifford at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm just an intermittent passerby I know, but I love this sling so much and my nine day old baby is in desperate need of being permanently attached to me. Matter of life and death, she has three over-jealous siblings...i have a baby bjorn but i am too fat for it and it hurts to even attempt wearing it...i live nearby, happy to pay for postage or pick up.

asiyaummhamza at hotmail dot com


jessica said...

i have to put my name in the hat for this one! my new neighbor has a little one and the poor dear won't sleep unless he is strapped to his mama. right now they are using a sling that i whipped up for west but i know they could use something a little sturdier now that the little guy is getting bigger.
you are a generous gal.

Turning Japanese said...

Eva will be 6 months when she gets home... No postage... I LOVE it!

flamehair said...

Oooh count me in please! Baby three is due in Summer and all my old slings are going to be too hot I suspect.

sueeeus said...

Nice! I used and modified that same pattern when I was in my mei tai making frenzy, and I made several. :) This year I modified them again to make loops at the lower corners and get rid of the lower straps, then use the shoulder straps through the loops... Thought I was being brilliant, but it turns out that is just another style of carrier (onbuhimo). And now I can't even carry my bubs in a carrier due to his spine issue. Maybe I'll set up some giveaways myself, soon. As always, you're an inspiration!

Jo said...

hey sooz, i already have one of these that daisy loves, and i get so many nice (or curious) comments when i wear it ~ my friend has been asking me to make her one, but clearly i just don't have time right now. she would love it if i could gift her your beautiful mei tei :) so please count me in!

good luck with the rest of your packing...