Wednesday, 24 June 2009

run up

So suddenly, after many months of thinking and deliberating and so on, it feels like we're actually going.

Bye bye Melbourne alley ways.

There's a finite number of weeks and days and so very much to do. I'm finishing up work tasks and not taking on new ones.
Preparing handover notes and lists of things to tell the new inhabitants of our home. Mentally I'm sizing up the stuff that needs packing and what needs ditching and people I really want to spend some time with before we go.
I'm even thinking about projects I might sneak in with the luggage to keep me going (don't think I don't blame you for that one, oh mistress of the freestylin' quilt).

It's all very hectic on the inside.

But on the outside ordinary life has contracted not one bit. I snuck in a lovely day out with some friends and a spot of button shopping and sorting.
Such an important step in preparing for a major departure.

The delights of introducing my favourite fabric store to a friend even lured me to buy a piece of fabric for another loopy jersey scarf. And a little bit of softly silky metallic crinkle for new PJ pants. Obviously critical to travel plans.

In my defence I am still smarting from not one but two failed attempts at a summer hat for me. The one for Amy is perfectly fine, of course.

After three cancellations she finally got in a performance at school and was jumping for joy in her wild things mask. Wild things like pink apparently.

Oh and yes, D is off in Darwin, renovating an old and terrifyingly sad house to make it fit for an indigenous family to call home, and in his few off hours trying hard to find somewhere for us to call home too.

This is the taxiing down the runway bit, before things really speed up and we lift off.

So you know, strap in.


Gail said...

Thats a huge move. Darwin's hot and wet a lot. Watch out for crocs.

Nikki said...

ooooh, so much to be done! Glad you're still managing to get some sewing in there, too.

What's wrong with the hat?

Kylie said...

So you are off to Darwin - that is a big move. We lived up there for 3 years if you need any local advise just let me know! We loved it up there (although did not realise just how much until we left)

Stomper Girl said...

Good luck with the organisation Suzie. Some very fine work you're doing with the new camera there!

Anonymous said...

when are you leaving?


Jodie said...

Who is that old lady with the double / triple chin ?

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Hello! I'm in Darwin, well Palmerston, if you want to chat about life up here, drop me a line. Have been here for 14 months and love it (and yes it is as hot as everyone says!)