Tuesday, 30 June 2009

going cheap

the hat, originally uploaded by Soozs.

Noooo, I'm not selling my kid.

That would be illegal silly.

But I have a very nice hat to give away. I knitted this one just a few days ago, but it came out a fraction too small for Wil. It would do very nicely on a new born or on a youngster up to about twelve months I'd guess.

It is made from a very nice blue and brown merino, silk and nylon sock yarn, Heather by the Shaefer Yarn Company. The hat is shaped so it covers the ears (when it fits properly) so it's very snuggly and stays on very well (even when it is too small). The pattern is Ear Cozies by Fiber Trends for those who are interested - see it over on Ravelry, or you can buy it here.

Do you have a wee one who could make good use of this in the cold weather?

All you gotta do is put a smile on my face by the end of July 4 aussie time and you're in contention. Leave a comment (with your email address!!) or if you're funny about leaving an email address on the blog then email me direct - soozs[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com.

I've been doing a few give aways lately and you know I can't understand why people leave comments wanting to win but don't let me contact them. If I'm that scary that you don't want to comment or email me with your addy, then you can't go expecting free stuff from me.


Emma said...

Oh wow! My baby boy is due to be born in just over a week and I've yet to find him the perfect hat for this already chilly winter! I would love to snuggle his itty-bitty head in something obviously handmade with love!


nicole said...

I don't want to win this hat because a) it would totally be too small for either of my kids and b) we're in the middle of summer so a hat really isn't in demand right now. However, I would love to know what pattern you used to make it so I can go knit one for next winter. :-)

Terri said...

Okay, I don't have a baby but that hat is too, too cute! So, don't enter me, because I don't know anyone who could use it and that hat is meant to be worn and loved - I just wanted to send compliments on your handiwork!

Ren said...

put me in the draw for this one please, my little fella has a cute little head to go with the cute little hat!

Ren said...

oooh forgot my email.... rexthesmartcat@gmail.com


sooz said...

The hat is made using the Fiber Trends Ear Cozies pattern, which you can buy from a quite a few places like here http://www.loopyarn.com/Detail.asp?ProductID=46793&s=/images/products/FT-CH34_B.jpg

The picture on the pattern is awful, but I have knitted it a few times and it is a lovely shape. It uses short row shaping to make the ear flaps, but has a very good exaplanation of how to do it!

sunrisesister said...

he is just too cute :) It might just fit my wee one due this christmas!


leslie said...

well of course i have to put mae's name down for such a gorgeous toque (it's canada day so i'm using my canada speak) - even if it will mean more "what a lovely boy!" comments when out : )

LissyLouLou said...

Ohhhh! My little 7 month boy Remy would love that hat to cover his cloud of wispy blonde hair. Put our name down please!

nicole said...

Thank Soozs! Btw: my email address is the URL in my name link thing, replace the obvious at with the appropriate character. I'm sneaky like that ;-)

Kylie said...

Oh another beanie cant hurt - It looks great on WIll even if it is too small.


Kelly said...

I have a lovely 9.5 month old boy that lives in Windy Wellington, NZ that could use a lovely hat. Sadly his mum has only mastered knitting a scarf so far. She has not progressed to hats yet. When I say a scarf, I mean, one scarf! LOL