Thursday, 25 June 2009

chicken dinner

chicken dinner, originally uploaded by Soozs.

So this is the green olive chicken recipe. It stupendously easy and goes down very well with both kidlets, even the 'mostly vegetarian' Amy.

The proper recipe came from Coles online and in their free give away magazine, but it is a very loose recipe in our house and regularly gets fiddled. Here's my version.

Take some chicken. I mostly use about 8 thigh fillets but it would be fine with any cut. Skin on would make the juice a bit fatty but the crisped up skin would be delightful.

Lay it out in an oven proof dish like a lasagna dish or similar.

Cover it in a mixture of chopped stuffed green olives (around 200gms), the finely grated zest of a lemon or two, the juice of two or more lemons, a spoonful of dijon mustard, a shake of sumac, a dash of olive oil, a good handful or two of chopped fresh oregano and parsley (would also be good with tarragon I should imagine). I slosh in some white wine too if it is on hand and I don't feel a compelling need to drink it.

Stir it about for a bit.

Bake it in the oven, about 180oC until it is cooked and the dish looks like it will be a bugger to clean. Turn it over during cooking so the top doesn't dry out too much.

Serve over cous cous with pan juices, a dollop of yoghurt and a side of tomato and cucumber salsa.

Just for you Ellen!


Terri said...

That sounds great and your description made me laugh! :)

Jodie said...

There are times, at the end of a day, with two kids, and a meal to prepare when the wine makes it to the chicken and not the glass???
I am impressed !

trashalou said...

I do a similar thing but with lamb. Yummy with those olives.

Turning Japanese said...

Mmmmm, I have copied it. I am going to make it for Mum and Dad in the holidays... Thanks! See you this arvo!

mistybliss said...

oooh - sounds super delicious! Must try this one, i'm always looking for new recipes to feed the 'tribe'. Thanks for sharing xx

Annie said...

Glad you had a great day with Ric Rac. She came home raving.