Thursday, 14 May 2009

no one's safe

Uh oh.

I've heard more than one person comment that Melbourne has a far more vibrant and exciting craft/blog/textile scene than Sydney and I've had no grounds to challenge them, except maybe one. I've always wanted to visit Tessuti and felt very disappointed that Sydney had this one over us.

No more people, no more.

Conveniently located for a quick lunchtime visit on my city work days, the new store is totally fabulous. I popped in at lunch time today thinking I might catch Nikki. I didn't but I was so distracted by all the gorgeous loot that I wouldn't have been much good on the conversation front anyway.

Seriously, this place is dangerously good. Full up with designer ends in a superb range of colours, textures and fibres I was in sewing heaven. And the store is really nice too - very roomy and pleasant (in stark contrast to so many of my usual fabric haunts) and out of the hurly burly of the more heavily trafficked part of town. I might move in.

Aside from Cutting Edge over in Malvern, there isn't anywhere else that carries so much interesting and unusual gear, and already I suspect Tessuti will have an edge just because of its size and location. Certainly for me it will be a regular haunt. I won't kid you that the stuff is cheap, but it is special and there isn't enough special around if you ask me.

I have no doubt the store will succeed. So get on over and let them know we love and appreciate the purveyors of truly fine fabric - look at some stuff that will blow your mind and get you thinking about runway adventures.


travellersyarn said...

I miss Tessuti, it was my regular fabric shop in Chatswood... I've just discovered Shaukat Fabrics as an online pusher of Liberty fabrics, and feel similarly worried.

Jodie said...

On my next trip ...yes???

mistybliss said...

oooh - thanks so much for letting us know!!! Am planning another trip to Melbourne soon, i'll just have to add it my (ever growing) list of yummy 'shops to visit' :-)

Michelle said...

Oh, that's so good to know!

But Sydney is closer to me, and I didn't even know they were up there! That'll teach me for not paying enough attention...

eeloh said...

Oh wow. I'll have to check it out. Good to see a small part of Flinders Lane returning to its rag trade roots. I'm reading Shmattes by Sharon Lesley Rosenthal - from the fifth floor library at work, if you want to borrow it after me - which is all about the evolution of Melbourne's rag trade. It's a fun read.
Great to see you the other day.