Monday, 4 May 2009

new pattern

new pattern, originally uploaded by Soozs.

So I just wanted to let you know I am releasing a new pattern! Modelled here by my gorgeous neighbour Amelia, this is the seamless baby and toddler wrap with collar.

I've developed this new pattern because I really wanted a quick knit that was practical to wear and fun to make, and didn't have all those bulky stiff seams. I am a huge fan of the neck down raglan construction technique and once you've made one they are quite addictive! They come out fast and have no seams to sew in afterwards.

This version is the smallest size in the pattern, ideally made for the 0-6 month age group, though Amelia here is 7 months old and on the 97th percentile, so it's a bit tighter on her than it would normally be! The pattern also has 6-12 month and 12-24 month sizes, as well as tips on how to change pattern for size and shape. The sizing is generous, and larger size fits Wil very well at 27 months.

I knitted samples in double strand 4 and 5 ply weights, but the pattern is equally well suited to 10 ply, or aran weights without requiring any alterations. Quite unlike me, I managed to rope a few others into test knitting the pattern, and since they used all manner of yarn weights and gauges I am confident it is a pretty robust pattern and suitable to fairly new knitters and good for stash busting.

I have loaded the pattern for Ravelry download but if you aren't a Raveler you can just email me soozs[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com. I decided to charge for the pattern because as someone said to, never undervalue your creative work, but at $6 aussie it isn't much.

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry.


Jodie said...

This makes me want to learn to knit!

Suzy said...

That looks fabulous! I am a big fan of seamless baby knits too, they're so much nicer for little bodies to wear. And less fiddly to seam together at the end. Well done you!

trashalou said...

Yay! I am off to ravelry to snavel this pattern. Thanks for the knitting love!

Tania said...

Cash I will happily part with for a seamless version - Amelia looks pretty convinced!

Ali said...

Cute! One of the many reasons to wish mine were teeny again.

froginthepond said...

Great work! And good on you for not undervaluing your work!

habitual said...

Well good grief! That is one cute baby (the cheeks!). And the sweater is incredible. Well done! :)

danielle.lang said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Thanks so much. I'm off to Ravelry now. I'm about to become a (step-)Grandma (at 35 - arghhhhhh!) and have been looking forward to your version to knit for my grandbaby.