Thursday, 2 April 2009

things I am trying to remember to do

...finish the amigurumi monkey I started for class last weekend
...finish the hey teach cardi rapidly becoming my millstone
...finish the scarf for the April family birthday giftee
...clean up my goddam desk already
...sort through all the paper work in my drawers pertaining to old computers and redundant electronic equipment. What a freakin waste of space that is. the bills
...go through all my old interweave knits/knit books/ravelry in some kind of systematic search for a stole pattern for the stormy silk merino. Or you know, make one up using my stitch dictionaries the same search as above for a jumper for me for cooler weather
...dye yarn for me for above
...and search again for a jumper pattern for D (I know, the CURSE...)
...dye yarn for D for above knit my new pattern
...write up the skirt pattern form last year and load it up to Ravelry baby gifties to my buddy
...find some winter boots that fit around my monster calves
...fold all my fabric using the 6.5 inch ruler method linked to here
...rewrite my class handouts and materials sheets
...knit a new hoodie for Wil from the pear tree stash
...knit something for Amy so she doesn't bitch about being left out
...knit D some new socks for father's day some sewing, just to keep my hand in
...find out more about using the overlocker the last 2 episodes of mad men season 2 before I forget what all the other episodes were about some mending - the pile is out of control a day trip on the train to Kyenton before it is too cold some video editing of Thailand footage and for a baby DVD for Wil so he doesn't grow up hating me for treating him shabbily as a second child.
...cook a decent meal for a change
...knit myself some socks. Nice ones.
...see the chiro and go for a swim
...knit the checkers and backgammon boards from weekend knitting
...make some stuff from the meet me at mikes book
...have a nap


Leonie said...

Good list

Swim 7am Aquarena Saturday or 7pm Monday/Thursday at Ivanhoe.

I'll be there, see you there?

Tania said...

Mighty impressive list. In comparison my 'headless chook' day has just become a walk in the park.

innercitygarden said...

That's a very long list.

Happy Tetris-ing!

Ren said...

Wow, I swear I wouldn't be able to cram half of that into my day. I think I might be a slow mover, or perhaps my 24 hours is actually shorter than yours?

thetwowindmills said...

wow that's quite the list... good luck with it all

Janet said...

I bought some boots today that I'm not sure about... my calves are bigger than before but I'm going to see if a shoe repairer recommended by the shop can extend the gusset and the shop will take them back if he can't. They're Kumfs, shazam (again) but there's a new Kumfs boot which has wider calves, except the heel is not one I like wearing and it's almost knee high which I find a bit bizarre... oh the pain of the winter boot issue!

your list is full on.

Daisy Chains and Whismy said...

Was this impressive list to accomplish before lunch...or after???? Take car of yourself - we sold ALL our copies of Meet Me at Mikes this week - have ordered some more...

Sharon said...

silly b****y blogger - sooz its sharon from beyond the blank page who posted the last comment...

Colleen said...

I need a nap after reading your list! With an 11 month old I feel like it takes me 45 minutes to do things that other people do in 15. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

...that just makes me want a strawberry dacquiri and a good lie down.