Monday, 23 February 2009

moving on

Thanks. Just, you know, thanks. Really. You see? This is why I expose myself in public, to get comments like you lot give.

Let me not dwell on our human shortcomings, my own foremost amongst them, and instead move back to cheery trivia.

Re-stash bag three. This one made using a seriously gorgeous embroidered linen table cloth (those colours!) I got from someone else's de-stash and some broadweave cloth I brought back from Thailand. Already been used in a project or two, it has been right on the top of my use it up pile. I'm hoping there's enough left over for a dress for Amy, if not a few more bags I guess.

A new sunhat for Wil. A prototype, but I'll need to let him wear it for a while before I work out what needs changing. I hate that little kids hats have such small brims, but the added sun protection has resulted in a definite safari look. Grey linen exterior, cotton leaf print interior (ikea pillow case). Totally cracks me up. Is it just me, because he's mine and all, or is he just too freakin cute?

And then I ran out of black thread and had to pick some up at Spotlight and they just happened to be pulling the new season fabrics off the truck so I was lucky enough to get in and score before all the good stuff got snapped by, well, people like me. Nice, nice. More sewing to come.

D is off again tomorrow for another stint up North (where it is cooler than here - how weird is that?!), so there may not be too much sewing for a while, but really I am so on a roll I may be doing it at night when the kids are in bed...


Dizzy Little Kingdom said...

Cool, I get to be your #1 stalker and leave the first comment! Love the new bag made from the tablecloth. Glad you're feeling better about posting honestly on your site. Wil looks fab in the hat (and in the sink!). I'm off to bed - so weird that your Monday has already started.


Turning Japanese said...

Nup... Not just you. He is totally FREAKIN CUTE! I love that hat. Loved the one you made too. I have what some may call a massive head - do you think we can make one to fit and suit me?

PS... My security word is viall (haha)

Ren said...

Yep, he's a cutie alright. No doubt about it.

Oh and the bag looks really pretty! Love it.

Terri said...

I love, love, love the fact that you re-purpose perfectly good fabric into useful items. You are my hero.

The tablecloth bag - to die for! Wil - too flippin' adorable for words! And that hat! I may have to play around and try that, myself - out of scraps first, naturally, because my first efforts are always kind of wonky!


Helen said...

He's definitely a cutie pie! And I also wanted to add that I love reading your blog so don't change!

zofia said...

Nope, he's supercute and the bag too-love!

Colleen said...

Its not just you, he's so stinking cute!

Great idea with the Ikea pillow case. I think the hat looks great! It looks like it would hold its shape very well. Which is handy when it inevitably gets shoved in a bag and yanked out again.