Monday, 9 February 2009

the goods

Hard at work. Such hard work.

Pays off.

Finally resolved green linen top (started on the last craft weekend and languishing in my UFO box awaiting much needed advice from a trusted sewing and style guru). I gave a bit of an explanation of how I made it over on flickr. Excellent.

New paper crane jacket in black pure wool 1x1 rib knit. Excellent, love it.

A wee wet pack for Amy's toothbrush and paste made from the left over scrap of the kimono fat quarter she chose at Kimono House for her grade 1 pencil case.

A new wet pack for me from gorgeous fabric also from Kimono House. Totally excellent, totally love it.

And a new handbag for me (a variation on my dashing out bag, made at the last February craft weekend, and a copy of the purple leather version I made oh so long ago), enhanced by the detatchable ipod cozy for the strap and the superior pocket array on the inner lining. The fabrics are by Bianca and Lara over at Ink and Spindle, and I freakin love them. Absolutely love them! The bag is also much improved by the use of various bits and pieces from Nicole's bag making supply shop. Kick arse interfacings and findings at really reasonable prices. I'm so in love with this bag I might have to sleep with it.

And a wee spot of stash enhancement took place at Pear Tree yarns in Torquay. They are having a fabulous sale of last year's yarns and I was able to get a few bits for some baby items and perhaps a jumper for Wil for a great price. Their yarn is seriously delish and I could way definitely sleep with it.

So you know, good gear.

Still reeling from the enormity of the fires and I know lots of us Melbourne bloggers are going on about it, which is boring for everyone else, but we're all in shock. Seriously shocked. I know lots of us are shedding tears left right and centre and feeling un accountably distressed and helpless.

But here's a gloriously easy way to help out for the crafty types, how about donating a toy you've made? There are a lot of kids with nothing, really nothing at all who could do with a new friend to keep them company in their makeshift beds and while they are out in a strange and sad world. I'll be getting out the yarn and pointy sticks (perhaps making a few of these), and the fabric stash to sew up a few cuddly comforting friends for kids with shattered nerves and too much loss. The post over at Toy Society also has a link to other ways of helping out so even if toys aren't your thing you might find another way of giving a little of what you've got to people who have nothing.

**edited to add - Gillian over at Silly Gilly is coordinating an ebay auction of hand made items to raise funds for people who have been devastated by the fire. If you can make anything at all to add in please contact her. More details over here on her blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi from Dunedin.

I don't know you but visit and enjoy your blog regularly.

I am so glad to read that you are safe and well after the terrifying fires in Melbourne


sooz said...

Thanks Mo. It's been an awful time, and I'm not even really directly affected.

BuddyDesigns said...

I love that bag! It's so organized!

nicole said...

That bag is awesome! I want to make my own bag again, too. I made one a few years back which I now don't really use because Sara's in the stroller a lot and I have a backpack dangling from that one, but when she's more mobile I'll need a "better bag" :-)

I also wanted to say that a while back I took your t-shirt idea ( and embroidered a few t-shirts for my kids. I took an old drawing from Sam's room and put it on a t-shirt for him and on a sweater for her and then I got carried away and did a t-shirt with flowers for Sara and another sweater with two hedgehogs and toadstools.. I'll just put the entire blame on you and your fabulous inspirational ideas.

About the fires in Melbourne, I'm glued to ABC radio online listening to the bushfire updates. It's just horrifying. I'm glad to see you (and all the other Melbourninan bloggers I'm reading) posting and thereby letting the world know that they're still ok.
It's horrifying, looking at the maps of the fires and seeing places burn that I've been to, close to where I lived.