Monday, 16 February 2009

the first

Look! Evidence of actual crafting! The first of my re-stash a crafter kit bags. I'll be popping in some yarn and needles, a few patterns, stitch markers, a wool needle and some scissors - everything you need to knit.

I've made the decision not to go on endlessly about Handmade Help and the re-stash a crafter project here. Despite the fact that my passion for it has almost completely swallowed my life in the last few days, I'll do my best to keep Handmade Help posts over on the Handmade Help blog.

So even though this project is for the re-stash project, I figure being actual craft, actually done by me, it is allowed to be here.

One of the really great things to have come about in the last few days, between sewing bees and the re-stash project, is a driving purpose to craft. I love making bags, and really you can make something kick arse in a surprisingly short period of time with very little. Normally I don't make many because, well, you only need so many bags in your life. But a good project bag is something every crafter needs, so production is kicking into high gear when I'm not answering emails and doing other organising type stuff.

This one is so simple, just two long rectangles (23cm wide and 78cm long) - one in canvas for the outer and one in a spotted seer sucker for the lining (love those spots!). They are folded in half, sewn up the sides and then the bottom squared off. I ironed the top edges in and then slipped the lining inside the outer.
Meanwhile I made some straps by taking two pieces of the outer canvass (12cm wide by 50cm long), folding them in half longways, ironing them, unfolding and folding in the two outer edges to meet int eh middle and folding it back in half. This gives you four layers of fabric with no cut edges showing. I top stitched four rows of contrast stitching to give it strength and stability.

I made the button flap with one piece of each inner and out fabric (7cm wide by 8cm long) and with a piece of thick round elastic caught in the seam. I slipped the handle ends and the button flap between the inner and outer and then top stitched the two together with two rows of stitching. Position and hand sew on the button for the flap.

Oh, and I did a little very quick machine embroidery on the outer canvas before I sewed it up, but you could well skip this step - particularly if you were using a printed fabric for the outer.
I chose the measurements to accommodate a good sized pair of knitting needles plus half a dozen or so balls of wool. If I was making a stitching project bag I might have rotated the orientation and had a wide base and narrow depth so it was easier to see in for picking out threads and so on as you work.

I'm looking forward to pumping out quite a few more.


thornberry said...

Love the bag soozs! I am planning on contributing to re-stashing a crafter, and shall be making some bags for that and for the kids comfort packs.

Blossom said...

great bag!!!

I have about a dozen or so handbags that never sold at a local craft fair.(nothing wrong with them) do you think they would be suitable to donate??

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

The embroidery on the outside really lifts the look of the bag. Fabbo!
Love the elastic you use for the closure. Great idea. :)

Wendy said...

Great bag! Re-stashing is a great idea.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, what a great idea. Love the bag!

Gina said...

Hi. I just wanted let you know that I love the new softie book that your featured in! I'm doing a give a way of the book right now but I'm going to have to run out and get myself one. :)
You have a great week.