Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Such a sweet boy.
Such a sweet sweet boy.
As I watched him playing at his first session at the kinder playgroup this morning I thought a lot about how things were different with Amy.
It's not right to only see your kids in relation to each other, but I can't help it.
Amy was all trial by fire, Wil is all soft and warm.
For better or worse it was Amy who made me into the mother I am, while Wil just gets to enjoy the ride. In some ways it really sucks for him that he never got that time when he were the only child and the centre of our universe, but in other ways he's better off for it.
I can't help but to look at him and smile.
With his cars and trucks and neat little lines.
Even with his tantrums and obstinance.
I can't help but look at him and smile.
Happy birthday little man. My love for you knows no bounds.


Kate said...

I could echo your comments almost entirely about my first and second...

trasha said...

I felt that way about #1 &#2 but then when she started school he and I had lots of 'us' time.

nicole said...

Happy birthday Wil! I can't believe he's 2 already. Wasn't he born yesterday?

Comparing kids is just normal. I do it, too. Sara is so so much easier than Sam in that she was sleeping pretty much through the night (not really, she did wake up every 3 hours to nurse, but she didn't do the screaming awake stuff, she latched on and nursed and fell off asleep, not a drama there.) from day two and she didn't have those screaming fits like Sam. Then I look at Sam who was sleeping in his own bed at about 6 months old which she's just now starting at 17 months and I see how temperamental she is, starting tantrums already at not even quite one and a half! Sam started tantrums at... 3? Probably due to his speech delay problems, but you know, those two years extra were really great.

Suse said...

Wow. The first time I met you Wil was 6 days old.

Two years ago!!!

Happy birthday little one!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Wil looks pretty chuffed and dandy now that he's the big 2!!

Ali said...

Happy Birthday Wil.

And my one and two are the same way.

craftydabbler said...

I can't believe he is already two.

Happy Birthday Wil!

Stomper Girl said...

I think maybe I met you around the same time as Suse, can't believe he is a whole big TWO!! Happy Birthday to your little cutie

The Toy Society said...

Happy Birthday to Wil! Wow, 2 years. I remember that teeny tiny new born bundle at that blog meet up at Amitie!

Janet said...

it seems like just a few months ago we were talking materinity clothes and look he's all growing up!

Happy birthday gorgeous Wil!