Friday, 16 January 2009

new socks

crappy colour continuity!
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Birthday socks, I've got till Tuesday.

I'm kidding myself, aren't I?

This the second pair of Opal yarn socks in a row and in most ways I like this yarn. Excellent yardage for one.

But how is this for both annoying and weird. This particular yarn has a three stripe colour repeat - white, green, blue. I knit the first sock with utter stripe predictability.

I cast on the second sock at exactly the same point in the repeat (half way through the white) only to find that at the end of the green stripe there was a stripe of white. I double checked, but no break in the yarn.


Since I couldn't bring myself to undo the toe with all those lovely neat short rows and provision cast on, I broke the yarn, wound on the yarn to the last little bit of green (on closer inspection I realised the rogue green stripe was a bit narrower than all the others), joined and sailed on.

But look at how completely different the greens are. How the heck does that happen in the middle of a ball of yarn?

I am now a little wary with each new stripe...

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Melissa Goodsell said...

lol lol lol. I'm so sorry to be giggling at your sock sadness, but that big old line of capitals almost made me splutter out my cup of tea.
and I'm still giggling :)