Friday, 16 January 2009


carta. monster of choice
Originally uploaded by Soozs

Monsters are big here at the moment.

Amy imagines she sees them everywhere when there are none.

Wil loves to play chase and run from mummy monster (that would be me). Every now and hten he holds up a hand and says

no! stop! cared!

And I stop being scary and start being mummy again and say not to be scared and we have a hug and then he says


And we start all over again.

But when it is time for bed the monster of choice comes out to go to sleep with Wil.

Carta is crocheted from Cleckheaton Merino Spun on a big ol 6mm hook using a pattern I made up as I went along, then felted in the washing machine. The eyes and mouth are needle felted on after.

Wil adores him and I think he's pretty darn cute too.


Kate said...

Fabulous monster - that's one I wouldn't mind around the house. We have to check everywhere for monsters before bed at the moment.

Donna said...

He looks like the sort of monster that would take good care of you when it's dark. I like his face!

Michelle said...

He is adorable!

And would be a very good deterrent to nightmares I suspect....