Tuesday, 2 December 2008

the marginally less worse but still really crappy week

I am at last getting better. Still a long way from well, but not feeling so much like I might keel over dead any minute.

Sure you are all relieved to hear.

Wil is also improving.

And despite our current run of the worst luck ever, Amy's foot is not infected or failing to knit.

Yay for us.

But D is not faring so well. I spent (I kid you not) a whole day trying to get through to Thai Airways here in Australia, since D has no hope at all of getting help in Bangkok (he's # 597 in the queue and they are helping something like 100 people a day). At one point I actually made it onto the call list and was put on hold which I thought was a good thing. When a full hour had elapsed (seriously, 60 whole minutes) they freaking CUT ME OFF. When I called back the recorded message said the office was now closed. At 1pm on a Tuesday. Right-e-o then.

So no joy there. I can't see him getting back until next week at the earliest, and even that will require a stroke or two of luck.

So you know, here's to more luck.

Speaking of which, I feel very lucky and thankful for my neighbours. I've said it a few times here before, but seriously people, community is the only thing keeping us together right now. I try hard to build my community and man oh man it pays off. I've had my kids (and me) ferried around, my kids picked up and looked after, meals cooked and grown up conversation while I've sat on my backside and just let things slide. Not to mention my bathroom doors decoded.

If ever you're wondering whether the effort to get to know and bond with your neighbours is worthwhile, don't. It is.


innercitygarden said...

I'm glad things are on the up, and that you have good neighbours, I can only imagine what it's like to have a relative in Thailand right now.

Claire said...

Wishing you lots of good things Sooz.

trashalou said...

Hurrah for all the good stuff!!

Yah boo sucks to all the cruddy stuff!

Hurrah for neighbourliness!

Yah boo sucks to the waiting on hold for an hour(!) and the office closing early!

Hurrah that your man is safe and well! (even if still stranded:-(

Di said...

Gosh, I do hope your husband gets home soon - it would seem things are improving in Thailand but it must have been a nightmare for you all! Hope everyone also feels better too!

Chloe said...

Good to hear things are getting a little better for you all.
Now hears to getting your man back home very soon.

Sue said...

I just want to say how very good and timely (for me) your article in the latest Mixtapezine is. Many thanks, and I hope things fur'ther improve at your house, and that D is home soon.

Clare said...

Haven't posted before but enjoy your blog very much. Been on my own this week with my just 1 year old who's suffering acute separation anxiety after a bad childminding experience (now finished). In my bleaker moments I've thought of you, with huge respect and gratitude for sharing all the ups and downs. Very much hope D makes it home to you all soon.

Jodie said...

I was listing to the news last night and thinking of you and wondering if Mr soozs was any closer to coming home.
I wish I was part of your community....I could be useful but not sure about decoding bathroom doors though?